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  • All-digital, uncompressed, high-definition optical transmission.
  • Compliance with the VGA standard protocol.
  • Support Independent analog audio.
  • Support local VGA loop-through.
  • Automatic identification and configure various display modes.
  • The highest resolution to 1920*[email protected] 60Hz.
  • Single / multi-mode fiber transmission.
  • Built-in ESD protection circuitry, can effectively prevent electrostatic damage.
  • Site installation: easy, plug and play, no need to set
Operating Temperature Range -5 to +70°C
Operating humidity range 5 to 90 % RH (no condensation)
Input and output video signal VGA
Support Video Format

1920×[email protected] / 1920×[email protected]

1600×[email protected] / 1680×[email protected]

1280×[email protected] / 1280×[email protected]

1280×[email protected]  / 1280×[email protected]

1280×[email protected]  / 1024×[email protected]

1024×[email protected]  / 800×[email protected]

800×[email protected]

Transmission distance

Single mode dual fiber 10KM-40KM

The default is 10KM.

Multi mode fiber not available now

Input and output audio interface 3.5MMAudio
Support input and output audio formats 44.1K,48K,96K,176K,192K
Input Power DC5V
Power Consumption

VGA Transmitter   4W

VGA Receiver      4W

Dimensions 107*104*24mm (L*W*H)

VGA KVM fiber optic extender



Port Description

VGA Transmitter/ Receiver


VGA signal input/output


Stereo audio input/output


USB-B interface, connect to computer, transfer mouse and keyboard signals

K / M

USB mouse and keyboard interface


Power adapter input


SFP optical module access, LC interface (T: send, R: receive)




Video indicator (light: recognition of video signal, off: no video signal recognized)


Video lock signal indicator (light: locked, off: not locked)


System indicator (light: normal operation, off: operation error)


Power indicator (light: power is normal, off: no power input)

  1. Connect the VGA input signal to the VGA INPUT of transmitter.
  2. Connect the audio input signal to the AUDIO IN of transmitter..
  3. Connect the VGA output signal of receiver to the VGA displayer (such as HDTV, etc.).
  4. Connect the AUDIO OUT of receiver to the speaker.
  5. Use the LC interface optic fiber connect the OPT IN and OPT OUT.
  6. Connect the transmitter and receiver to the power supply. When the indicator light is normal, the system runs normally.

This is a one of most port rich unit in our video extenders range, many ports to connect, however as you can see still can be done in few minutes.


VGA & KVM signal extender over fiber, distance depends on SFP module


The product consists of the transmitter and the receiver, use advanced uncompressed digital HD video and high-speed digital fiber optic transmission technology, you can easily transmit a variety of resolutions of computers, high-definition video sources, HD DVD / DVR and other equipment output of VGA HD signals over long distances to the remote, and with local VGA loop-through, independent analog audio, anti-interference ability, ensure signal integrity and stability.

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