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  • Can provide up to 8 E1 channels transmission transparently, and  1 10/100M Ethernet data channel.
  • Provide 1 Ethernet interface (support VLAN, flow control, and self- negotiation;full/semi duplex, 10M/100M optional)
  • Local device monitor remote device (2 row LEDs, upper indicate local status, lower
    indicate remote status)
  • Provide function of 8 E1 remote loop, fiber local loop, and 1 interface of phone.
  • Power supply option: AC220V, DC-48V, DC+24V (optional).
  • Transmission distance: 2-120 Km
  • Two fiber two direction and single fiber two direction (optional).
  • Match telecom operation requirement, MTBF above 70,000 hours.
  • High reliability, provide install type of 19 inch rack, desktop, hanging, and card.
  • The rack support both DC and AC power supply.
  • Provides SNMP function.

E1 interface parameter:
Channel capacity: 8 Channels
Bit Rate: 2.048 Mb/s ±50 ppm
Line Code: HDB3
Line Impedance: 120 Ohm / 75 Ohm
Connector: RJ-45 or BNC
Pulse Shape: ITU-T G.703
Jitter Performance: ITU-T G.823


Ethernet interface:
Interface Rate: 10/100Mbps
Interface character: match IEEE802.3, IEEE802.1 Q
Connector: RJ45


Optical interface parameter:
Optical wavelength: 850/1310nm for multi-mode fiber, 1310/1550nm for single-mode fiber.
Optiical interface: SC/FC/ST (Optional)
Transceiver module: > -6dBm
Optical receiver sensitivity: <-36(BER<10)
Receive range: >-30dB
Transmission distance: multi-mode 2 Km, single-mode 20 / 40 / 80 / 120 Km, single fiber WDM versions available


DC: -48V (-36 to -72V); +24 V (Optional)
AC:  90 to 260 VAC ; 47 ~ 63Hz
Power Interface: DC power terminal/AC socket
Power Consumption: 10 W maximum


Working environment:
Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C
Storage temperature: -20  to +70°C
Relative humidity: 5% to 90% (25°C no condense)


Application scenario:

Quick setup video:



8xE1 and 10/100 Ethernet signal over multi-mode fiber 2km SC/ST


8xE1 and 10/100 Ethernet signal over single-mode fiber 20km SC/ST


8xE1 and 10/100 Ethernet signal over single-mode fiber 40km SC/ST


8xE1 and 10/100 Ethernet signal over single-mode fiber 80km SC/ST


8xE1 and 10/100 Ethernet signal over single-mode fiber 120km SC/ST


The AN-FM-240/ETH is a fiber media transport for 8xE1 + 1 10/100BaseT  transmission. The BNC model provides unbalanced 75 Ohm coaxial connections while the RJ-45 model provides balanced 120 Ohm connections over twisted pair wiring.
All media converters are available with either multi-mode or single-mode optical tranceivers and with connectors for SC, ST, or FC. In single mode they are available in up to 120 km versions reach, which will provide the ability to transmit and receive data using only a single optical fiber pair.

When the AN-FM-240/ETH is linked to the AN-CH03 with AN-FM-240/ETH card, it allows network engineers to get greater functionality through advanced SNMP features, the network administrator can manage any converter module from anywhere on the network, detect any link loss and maintain each loop.

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