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CWDM multiplexing systems (2 Products)


Save the fiber costs and re-use fiber with cost effective and multiprotocol supported CWDM multiplexing systems.

Passive 4 – 8 – 16 channel Passive CWDM multiplexer, 19′ rack mount

AN-PA-CWDM is the use of several layers of different dielectric thin films are combined to form an interference filter having a specific wavelength selection characteristics, and can achieve separation of different wavelengths or in combination   AN-PA-CWDM the product uses 1U rack design, can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack can support 20nm apart between 1270nm ~ 1610nm CWDM…

AN-CWDM-MUX modular access system

AN-CWDM-MUX modular access system is designed to transmit multi-protocol signal one same fiber between 2 end points. The whole system is supported by AN-CWDM-MUX series chassis and CWDW-M series Module cards. From 2 to 16 different signal streams between 2 points can be transmitted by one or a pair of fiber. AD-net's AN-CWDM-MUXseries CWDM devices can effectively replace layout of…