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VGA KVM over Fiber (3 Products)


KVM HDMI along with mouse PS2, USB, audio, video, RS-232 serial and other multimedia signals can be delivered on extremely long distances using optical cable. These products are plug-and-play and easy to use and does not requires any special tools or knowledge for installation.

VGA + KVM Fiber Extender

The VGA + KVM Fiber Extender could transmission high-definition video long distance through a single cable, while support for USB keyboard and mouse transmission, external independent audio and other functions, can adapt to a variety of complex applications. The device has a superior image processing and transmission capacity, so that the signal transmission more smooth and stable, it is a…

VGA over fiber optic extender

The AN-VGA-EXT-01 Fiber optic extender provides extension of VGA signals long distances over one fiber optic cable, it supports high resolution up to 1080P, transmitter local output, RS232 signal and external audio transmission function. The extender can use for a wide range of applications requiring long distance transmission of high resolution with high quality by its good stability and powerful…

VGA KVM fiber optic extender

The product consists of the transmitter and the receiver, use advanced uncompressed digital HD video and high-speed digital fiber optic transmission technology, you can easily transmit a variety of resolutions of computers, high-definition video sources, HD DVD / DVR and other equipment output of VGA HD signals over long distances to the remote, and with local VGA loop-through, independent analog…