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MetroSDH systems (252 E1, V35, ETH) (3 Products)


Bigger Metro access systems for transport layer & city circles. STM-1/STM-4/STM-16 type uplinks are available in flexible modular designed cases.

STM-1 Multi-Service SDH Multiplexer

AN-MSSTS is the STM-1 level multi-service Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) transmission system compatible with ITU-T standard. It is designed as a modular system with two 155.520Mb/s optical interfaces to provide an ultra-compact, cost-effective and flexible multi-service platform. With optional cards such as E1, Ethernet, V.35 and Engineering Order Wire card (EOW). It can be used as a Terminal Multiplexer (TM)…

STM-4 to Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 EoS type interface converter

AN-STM-4-GETH is a STM-4 SDH terminal multiplexer that transports Gigabit Ethernet over SDH networks. It provides 3 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and 2 STM-4 interfaces, supports 1+1 path protection and 2+0 mode. In 1+1 mode, the 3 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces share one VCG channel and the bandwidth is 4xVC4 (556Mb/s). In 2+0 mode, the 3 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces share one VCG…


This equipment is a breakthrough of traditional SDH transmission concept and incorporates advanced transmission and access technologies to form an organic combination of transmission and access, which is this integral transmission/access platform that we provide to users. For traditional E1/E3 circuit service, this equipment can flexibly configure circuit up and down, easily provide circuits and seamlessly connect with other access…