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  • Multi-interface Supported
  • Standard SDH optical interface: STM-1, STM-4 |
  • Standard PDH electrical interface: E1, E3, T3
  • Data interface: 10/100BaseT auto-sensed Ethernet
  • Multi Network Topology Supported
  • Chain, ring, star and mesh networks
  • Branching and crossing, including joined and intersected rings


AN-STM-4-GETH  applies 19″ standard rack of 1U high, the outside profile of the rack is shown below.


The front panel includes power switch (POWER), STM-4 optical interface,1000Base-LX(SFP) interface,1000Base-T interface,Network Magment System interface  and indicators etc.

Front Panel description

SDH:  2 X STM4 interface, SFP Standard

Ethernet:  2 X 1000Base-LX or 1000Base-SX,SFP standard, 2 X 1000Base-T interface ,Rj45

NMS: Network Magment System ,100Base-T interface

Technical Parameters


STM-4 Optical interface

Optical interface speed: 622080kbit/s (STM-4, G.957, frame structure G.707)
Interface code type: Accord to the codes stipulated in G.957
Digital signal: Accord to G.707 and G.958
Light source: FP/DFB
Output optical power: ≥ -15dBm(15km), ≥ -3dBm(40km,80km)
Receiver type: PINFET
Receiving sensitivity: ≤ -28dBm (BER ≤10-11)
Optical connector type: LC
Central wavelength: 1310/1550 nm (depending on optical module)
Optional transmission distance: 15km ,40km, 80km or more

Ethernet interface


Electric UTP type

User type: 10 /100/1000M Base-T
Port specification: Accord to IEEE802.3 10/100/1000M Base-T/FL
Transmission code rate: 1000Mbps

User type                      SFP
Port specification            Accord to IEEE802.3 1000Base-LX/SX
Transmission code rate   1.25Gbps
Optical connector type    LC

Power supply

Input voltage               DC-48V
Voltage fluctuation      -36VDC ~ -72VDC
Input voltage               AC220V 50HZ
Voltage fluctuation      185V ~ 265V
Power consumption    < 30W

Mechanical parameters

Standalone type (19″):
Dimensions                 440mm(W) × 43.5mm(H) × 227mm(D)
Weight                        < 4.0 kg
Rack type                    EIA 19″ rack

Environment requirements

The complete appliance is able to work in a wide range of environmental temperature and operate normally and steadily in environmental extremes.
Working temperature  -5℃ ~ +50℃
Storing temperature    -25℃ ~ +75℃
Relative humidity       ≤ 85% (30℃)
Air pressure               70 ~ 106 kpa
No corrosive and solvent gas, and free from flying dust and magnetic-field interference.

Application scenario:


10/100/1000M Ethernet over STM-4 EoS converter, 19 inch chassis, support SNMP NMS.


1+1 additional power supply options AC or DC

SNMP card

SNMP card into the chassis, Xview SNMP NMS software


This equipment is a breakthrough of traditional SDH transmission concept and incorporates advanced transmission and access technologies to form an organic combination of transmission and access, which is this integral transmission/access platform that we provide to users. For traditional E1/E3 circuit service, this equipment can flexibly configure circuit up and down, easily provide circuits and seamlessly connect with other access equipment of our subsidiary with integral monitoring and alarm. Users don’t have to worry about interconnection of access with transmission. The monitoring software can manage all equipment and external alarm device such as alarm box can be used in a unified manner. For data service, especially broadband service, this equipment is designed with its access unit as one of its portions. 10/100Base-T Ethernet service access unit can offer broadband data access directly on SDH using POS protocol.

Model AN-MSPP multi-service optic SDH access platform—-MSDH (Multi-Serviceover SDH) is a new generation SDH access equipment that can support two grades (STM-1 and STM-4) of optic interfaces at the same time and these interfaces can be upgraded to

STM-16 in the future. The platform can be configured as synchronization regenerator (REG), terminal multiplexing (TM) equipment, add/drop multiplexing equipment or digital cross connection (DXC) equipment and is suitable for various network configurations such as chain network, ring network and mesh network. Service modes E1, E3 and Ethernet, DS3, V35 are supported. Generally, the platform is configured as STM-4 system. If user so requires, it can also be configured as STM-4 system. To suit large capacity, system can be upgraded to STM-16.Available interface types are: E1, E3, STM-1 electrical interfaces; STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 optic interfaces; Ethernet data communication interface etc.

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