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  • Segregation and aggregation fast Ethernet service(10/100BaseT) in both upstream and downstream directions from large METRO pipes of GE, allowing smooth integration to different types of METRO gear
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation(DBA) and quality of service allow the subscribers to share the 1Gbps and get more bandwidth than their agreements.
  • RSTP function guarantees seamless connection between OLT and METRO.
  • Enhanced IGMP features allow the point-to-multipoint video transmission.
  • Rich set of Operations Alarms and Monitoring(OAM) functionality including loopbacks, alarms, performance monitoring and error testing. CLI and GUI supported make it easy to use.
  • Learn more about CATV over PON networks here…

System Capacity

  • wire-speed switching 64K MAC list
  • 4094 VLANs
  • Max 4 PON uplink cards, each having 2 PON uplink ports – total capacity – 8 ports
  • Max 8 GE interface ports as SFP slots. Any standard 1.25 G SFP module can be used.
  • Max 64 ONUs support per PON port

MAN Interface

  • 8 ports fixed, SFP GE
  • NMS management port
  • Uplink ports can be connected to third party VoIP Softswitches what support SIP protocol and operates with AD-net new SIP ONU!

More specifications:

  • 1 Gbps transmission rate
  • Network reach: 20 km
  • Transmitter power: 2.5dbm to 7 dbm
  • Receiver sensitivity: <=-39dBm
  • Security: ONU authentication
  • Distance 20 km (see planning issues)
  • Max 64 ONUs support per PON expansion module
  • Supports 802.3 MPCP protocol;
  • Supports 802.3 OAM and expanded (slave port) protocol, have abundant OAM function design and offers long distance managment through OLT.
  • Double channel independent OLT;
  • Remote software upgrade supported
  • Data encryption service for downlink, secure data transtion security for end users
  • ONU authentication, averts illegal ONU access to network
  • DBA dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Single ONU multi LLID registration
  • IGMP proxy supported
  • ACL functions supported
  • QoS dunctions supported
  • 4K MAC adress with single channel OLT
  • VLAN’s devided by LLID
  • Suitable for FTTH, FTTB and FTTx
  • Loads of various statistic information
  • Hot swap possibility for cards
  • Managed by SNMP/Friendly GUI/Telnet


  • 482.6mm(W) x 400mm(D) x 86.1mm(H)
  • Mounting:
  • 19”, 23” ANSI compliant
  • 300mm, 600mm ETSI compliant
  • Net Weight: 15 kg

Operation Environment

  • Temperature: -5°C ~ 70°C
  • Humidity: 10% ~ 90%, non-condensing


  • -48V DC
  • 120~240V AC, broaden compliant
  • DC and AC concurrency for protection
  • Power consumption: Max 70W

Flexible and user friendly NMS system:


Video: GEPON products & Applications: PART 1

Video: GEPON building blocks & topologies: PART 2

Application scenarios for FTTH & FTTB FTTx networks:


Triple play FTTH & FTTx scenario


Ethernet distribution FTTH scenario




GEPON OLT CHASSIS – 2 power supply cards at backplane (can be AC or DC), can have up to 8 PON PX-20 ports (connected to splitters and ONU) and up to 8 SFP type slots for downlink (to router, switch)


Main control card for modular OLT – supports, SNMP MIB, EMS system and control functions (must be inlcuded in each chassis)


2 PON uplink card, with 2 slots for AN-1000BASE-PX-20 modules. Each chassis can have up to 4 such cards, so full configuration of 8 ports are achieved


1 port PON transceiver module PX-20 (minimum 1 per each OLT, maximum – 8). Distance 20 km


AD-net Technology GEPON range offers combination of simplicity of Ethernet with bandwidth capacity of fiber to enable cost-effective, high-speed transport. Multiple services on one platform, no expensive over-build in last mile network.
AD-net GEPON offers classical Point-to-multipoint topology with splitter without field power requirement, which gives a least CAPEX for new fiber FTTH/FTTB networks layout. You can use this OLT in almost any FTTx network strategy and scenario.
AD-net GEPON offers a real future-proof access network with flexiblilty and upgrade capability.
Interoprating with one of models of AD-net ONU’s (Optical Network Units), it makes a end-to-end solution, reaching as well as end user to offering high speed Internet, IPTV or any other IP based services over PON infrastructure
OLT has built in routing/switching capabilties it can be integrated easily in operators exiting core infrastructure.
One GEPON OLT can deliver a gigabit of symmetrical payload distributed to up to 64 ONUs per each PON port up to twenty kilometers away, to build up a future-proof network without field power requirements.


AN-E-OLT8000 GEPON OLT uses modular scalable design and all modules – including all of power supply, heat dissipation fan, dust screen, PON uplink cards, control cards and other are plug-in type in mainframe chassis. AN-E-OLT8000 main chassis consists of 2 power supply, fan and chassis itself, where you can start plug in modules.


Full configuration of AN-E-OLT8000 GEPON OLT is as follows:


– AN-E-OLT8000 main chassis – 1 unit
– Fan Module – 1 unit
– Dust screen – 1 unit
– Power supply – 2 units
– Control card – 1 unit
– PON 2 port uplink card – up to 4 units
– PON tranceiver modules – up to 8 units, to be installed in 2 PON port cards.