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PON extenders / repeaters (5 Products)


Active GPON & EPON repeaters for effective PON maximum distance extension and reaching more distances than default distance allowed by OLT’s.

EPON Repeater Amplifier

AD-net AN-UM-EPON-R EPON OEO equipment is an optical transmission equipment which magnify and reshape signals during optical transmission process. It can effectively save OLT quantity and lengthen network transmission distance. The OEO fiber repeater equipement have been widely applied for long-distance transmission in various optical communication applications. Its advantages include in small size of optical signals, being economical and safe,…

2 Ports FTTX GPON Repeater

AD-net AN-UM-GPON-R GPON Repeater is a convenient, flexible, standard and highly integrated comprehensive access device. The use of fanless integrated design brings convenience to use and maintenance. It can support the working mode of dual OEO working at the same time. The GPON repeater amplifier can provide 3R (i.e. re-amplification, reshaping and retiming) regeneration to signals during optical transmission, amplify…

Optical OEO Reapeater: PDH, ATM, SDH, GE, STM-1/4/16, OC-3/12/48

AN-OEO-2S optical repeat/amplification device,applied in optical repeat prolongation and OEO amplification for transmission equipments. So far the transmission distance of optical access equipments on LAN and access layer is generally short, single mode equipments can hardly go beyond 100km, multimode equipments go even shorter distance, no more than 5km normally. The equipment is requested to solve the solution for fiber…

EPON Repeater – Range Extender

AN-E-PON-R is an EPON link amplifier developed by AD-net to benefit operators by extending their network link without any much additional hardware.AN-E-PON-R is compliant with IEEE802.3ah standard. It is compatible with any type of OLT/ONU available from other vendors in the market. The distance of the EPON system can be extended from the original 20Km to 50Km or even further. AN-E-PON-R…

GPON Repeater – Range Extender

AN-G-PON-R, developed and launched by AD-net Technology, is an optical power amplifier for GPON links. Amplification and reshaping of optical signals can be realized using O-E-O (Optical-Electrical-Optical) conversion, support By-pass option. AN-G-PON-R can effectively amplify the optical power of a PON link and extend the network transmission distance. Due to its compact size and easy installation feature, the product can…

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