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  • Provides 4 standard SC/UPC flange to aggregate client signals.
  • Support optical power amplification of GPON link and transparent service transmission.
  • Support amplification of dual channels of GPON link.
  • Increases the splitting ratio to 1:128.
  • Support the power down Bypass option.
  • Effectively extends the PON transmission distance to over 50KM.
  • Supports a variety of networking modes such as parallel and cascade connections for multiple amplifiers.

Transmission Performance


GPON (ITU-T G984.x & ITU-T G.988)

Uplink Rate

1.25Gbps Burst Signals

Downlink Rate


Networking Structure

Support relay amplification at any position in the network;

Support cascading of multiple amplifiers.

Increase the splitting ratio to 1:128


Compatible with OLT and ONU devices from different manufacturers;

Support transparent service transmission;.

Transmission Distance

Support a maximum transmission distance of 60KM.

Optical Interface Specifications

OLT Side Receiving Sensitivity

-28 /-3 dBm (2.5G/bps)

-30 /-3 dBm (1.25G/bps)

ONU Side Receiving Sensitivity

-28 /-8 dBm (burst signals)

OLT Side Transmitting Optical Power


ONU Side Transmitting Optical Power


Environmental Specifications

Power Supply

12V DC 2A

Power Consumption




Since OLT logical distance limit, the maximum 60KM. AN-G-PON-R standard OLT / ONU module.


AN-G-PON-R ONU-side received power =PONUPlineL = 3-21-2 = -20

AN-G-PON-R OLT Side Received power = POLTPlineL = 4-21-2 = -19

OLT Received power = PAN-G-PON-R-ONUP1: 128L = 3-22-2 = -21

ONU Received power = PAN-G-PON-R-OLTP1: 128L = 4-22-2 = -20


PONU——- ONU-side light emission power of 0-3dB, values ​​3dB

POLT——- OLT equipment, PON port luminescence 0-5dB, values ​​4dB

P1: 128——- 1 min splitter 128, loss ≤22dB

Pline ————60KM G.652 optical fiber, loss ≤21dB

L———- line interface and other losses, 2dB


Before conclusion, in theory, should be placed AN-G-PON-R splitter, the beam splitter to the OLT splitter line attenuation at the limit, so that there is sufficient light after spectral power, thus ensuring the long-distance transmission network PON.




Board Maintenance

Fault Location  

Board service interruption occurs or unstable optical power failure, the steps may generally be positioned:

  1. Check and adjust the connection of the optical fiber. If the business returned to normal, the failure to resolve; if the fiber optic connection is normal, please proceed.
  2. Check and adjust the local board and the power terminal of the input light, to meet the requirements. If the business returned to normal, the failure to resolve; if the input optical power is normal, please proceed.
  3. Equipment failure, replace the device.




cause of issue

ONU is not registered on

Reason 1: OLT ONU equipment unbound

Reason 2: The optical module input optical power exceeds the threshold range (normal is about -15dBm)

Reason 3: dirty optical interfaces.

Reason 4: equipment failure.

Reason 5: Docking type of business interruption due to inconsistent service.

Device error

Reason 1: abnormal input optical power.

Reason 2: Aging pigtail between the client and the client, bent, and resulting in a larger loss.

Reason 3: The device temperature is too high.

Reason 4: optical interface apparatus dirty.

Reason 5: equipment failure.


Here we’ve got 8 port OLT, PLC splitter, GPON ONT and GPON repeater in the middle of them to test it out.


GPON OEO repeater - range extender, 4 pcs PON transceivers come in set with main unit


AN-G-PON-R, developed and launched by AD-net Technology, is an optical power amplifier for GPON links. Amplification and reshaping of optical signals can be realized using O-E-O (Optical-Electrical-Optical) conversion, support By-pass option. AN-G-PON-R can effectively amplify the optical power of a PON link and extend the network transmission distance. Due to its compact size and easy installation feature, the product can be easily deployed in the field with various access nodes to residential communities using fiber to the home.

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