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  • Low noise high linearity Ortel-Emcore cooled DFB laser
  • GaAs Technology up to 862MHz
  • RF power digital automatic process technology control the laser driving RF power level automatically according to RF signal level and channels, ensuring the best C/N, CTB and CSO
  • Excellent pre-distortion technology improves CTB, CSO and C/N
  • Built-in microprocessor accurately monitors laser output power and temperature.
  • Front panel VFD displays the status parameters and function message
  • SNMP network management optional
Item Unit Parameter
Optical Power mW 6 10
Optical Link Path Loss dB 9 11
Optical Wavelength nm 1550±10
Type of Laser   14pin cooled DFB laser in butterfly package with isolator
Optical modulation mode   Direct Modulation
Optical connector Type   SC/APC or FC/APC
Frequency Range MHz 47~862 (1000MHz Optional)
RF Input Level dBmV 15~25
Flatness In Band dB ±0.75
RF Input Impedance W 75
Input Reflection Loss dB ≥16 (47~862/1000)MHz
C/CTB dB ≥65
C/CSO dB ≥59
C/N dB ≥51
AGC Control Range dB ±5
Power Voltage V AC 100V~240V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption W 15
Operation Temperature �C 0~50
Store Temperature �C -40~85
Relative Humidity % Max 95% no condensation
Dimension mm 483 (L) ×381 (W) ×44 (H)
Weight Kg 5


862MHz 10mW Ortel DFB laser Optical Transmitter,Predistortion Circuit,LCD, 19" 1RU


AN-CATV-TX1550-10 is a direct modulation 1550nm DFB transmitter for analog TV, digital TV and CMTS signals local fiber dense distribution and QAM TV Signal long-distance fiber transmission. The transmitter utilizes high linearity DFB laser, RF power digital automatic process technique, along with RF pre-distortion circuit developed by AD-net. The built-in microprocessor monitors the transmitter working status and automatically insures the optimistic performance. AN-CATV-TX1550-10 is ideal for analog TV fiber distribution within 20Km and QAM TV signal long distance transmission within 100Km.


AN-CATV-TX1550-10 is a unidirectional analogue and digital video broadcast, it adopts high efficiency modulation mode for RF carrier wave, its economical efficiency, flexibility and bandwidth validity is beyond comparison of IPTV. Adopting EPON or P2P access mode to realize triple-play, FTTx. RFTV broadcasting network in 1550nm optical wavelength still plays an important role, 1550nm External Modulation optical transmitter is the core equipment in this system.


The advantage of 1550nm External Modulation technology is no laser chirp, low dispersion distortion, and large extinction ratio, with excellent characteristic within 40~862MHz in-band. External Modulator doesn’t generate CSO distortion after reasonable bias. Followed by amplifier when apply in large area coverage of over-long trunk and local networks. Adopting WDM is the development trend of CATV network to transmit optical channels with multi-wavelength through one fiber. 1550nm CATV optical fiber accord with developing trend of current triple-play, fiber to home.