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CATV transceivers and amplifiers (3 Products)


When you need inject, transmit, amplify, receive or mix CATV signals with PON signals or send them separately over fiber – this can be done with these products.

Semiconductor Optical Amplifier

AD-net Semiconductor Optical Amplifier products provide the amplification around 1310nm. It can be used in the10G/40G/100G system, suit for system design conveniently. Products are divided into 2 * 2,4 * 4 and 8 * 8 three kinds, respectively, to achieve 2-way, 4-way and 8-way 1310nm 100G optical signal amplification. It provides output power up to be 10dBm. Applications 10G/40G/100G; Network…

CATV 1550nm DFB Transmitter

AN-CATV-TX1550-10 is a direct modulation 1550nm DFB transmitter for analog TV, digital TV and CMTS signals local fiber dense distribution and QAM TV Signal long-distance fiber transmission. The transmitter utilizes high linearity DFB laser, RF power digital automatic process technique, along with RF pre-distortion circuit developed by AD-net. The built-in microprocessor monitors the transmitter working status and automatically insures the…

1550 nm Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA)

AN-EDFA-1550 series Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) is important 1550nm relay transmission equipment for TV signals, digital video, telephony and data long haul transmission. With well-qualified optical and electronic circuits design, AN-EDFA-1550 keeps the excellent optical and electrical performance by using high quality devices. All materials applied in AN-EDFA-1550 EDFA meet RoHS requirement.   The advantage of 1550nm External Modulation…