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  • 19” 1U standard housing with LCD display
  • High quality low noise 980nm/1480nm pump lasers
  • High quantum efficiency Erbium Doped Fiber
  • Built-in microprocessor real time control lasers and the amplifier
  • LCD on the front panel displays accurate working parameters
  • RS232/RS485 or RJ45 interface available
  • RoHS Compatible

Optical Parameter

Wavelength: 1530 ~1565nm
Optical Input Power: -3.0 ~ +10dBm
Saturated Output Power: 14 ~ 23dBm
Optical Return Loss: > 55dB
Pump Laser Wavelength: 980nm or 1480nm
Noise Figure: 4.5dB (17dBm)
4.7dB (20dBm) 5.0dB (22dBm) 5.3dB (23dBm)

Power Supply

Power Supply: AC: 100V~240V (50/60 Hz) or -48V DC
Power Consumption: 25 W (less than 20dBm), 30 W (higher than 20dBm)


Working Temperature: 0~45ºC
Storage Temperature: -20~65ºC
Humidity: 95% non-condensing

Physical Parameters

Weight: 10Kg Dimensions (mm): 483 ×320 ×44

Customer Interface

RS232/RS485 network interface or RJ45
Ethernet interface SC/APC or FC/APC fiber connector

Application scenario


1550nm Optical Amplifier,LCD display,19" 1RU,21dBm,2-channels (ports) 17.5dBm output


1550nm Optical Amplifier,LCD display,19" 1RU,24dBm,4-channels (ports) 17.5dBm output


1550nm Optical Amplifier,LCD display,19" 1RU,27dBm,8-channels (ports) 17.5dBm output


1550nm Optical Amplifier,LCD display,19" 2RU,31dBm,16-channels (ports) 17.5dBm output


1550nm Optical Amplifier,LCD display,19" 2RU,34dBm,32-channels (ports) 17.5dBm output


AN-EDFA-1550 series Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) is important 1550nm relay transmission equipment for TV signals, digital video, telephony and data long haul transmission. With well-qualified optical and electronic circuits design, AN-EDFA-1550 keeps the excellent optical and electrical performance by using high quality devices. All materials applied in AN-EDFA-1550 EDFA meet RoHS requirement.


The advantage of 1550nm External Modulation technology is no laser chirp, low dispersion distortion, and large extinction ratio, with excellent characteristic within 40~862MHz in-band. External Modulator doesn’t generate CSO distortion after reasonable bias. Followed by amplifier when apply in large area coverage of over-long trunk and local networks. Adopting WDM is the development trend of CATV network to transmit optical channels with multi-wavelength through one fiber. 1550nm CATV optical fiber accord with developing trend of current triple-play, fiber to home.


Adopting EPON or P2P access mode to realize triple-play, FTTx. RFTV broadcasting network in 1550nm optical wavelength still plays an important role, 1550nm External Modulation optical transmitter is the core equipment in this system.

AN-CATV-TX1550 is a mode which accord with International currency technique standard 1550nm External Modulation Optical Transmitter, complete appliance light source adopts narrow bandwidth ( 0.65MHz ), low noise, continuous wave DFB laser, it is propitious to reduce the influence of chromatic dispersion.