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  • 14 slots for media converter19 inch rack mount, 2U high
  • Internal back up power supply
  • Plug and play operation
  • Two power supply units in set;
  • Compact & easy to install;
  • State of art AD-net special design.
  • Diagnostic LED: Power LED
  • Power input: 100-240VAC 50~60Hz
  • Power consumption (full mode): 60W
  • Power consumption (empty mode): 10W
  • Operation temperature: 0~50 C
  • Storage temperature: -30~60 C
  • Dimension: 430mm(L) X 200mm(W) X 110mm(H)

Application scenario:

Example of a testing AN-CH05 chassis:

Products used

10/100/1000 SFP Slot Media Converter 
1310/1550 nm WDM SFP module
10/100/1000 or 10/100 Standard Embedded Fiber Module WDM 1550/1310 nm Media Converter
14 slots chassis

Now, we plug in all the cables, and WDM 1510/1310 will go into chassis, while SFP slot converter will work as standalone unit at the opposite side of a fiber.

We use real 20 km long fiber here. By the way, SFP slot converter also can be plugged in chassis, so all units are universal and can work as standalone types with separate power supply, or as pug in modules as well.

While in this video below we connect Single Mode LC type Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter thru 20 km cable, and use one unit as standalone unit with separate power supply, and another one as plug in module into AN-CH05 chassis. Also, lets test power loss alarm signal once again!

By the way! Did you know that AN-CH05 has an audible alarm, to signal that power has been cut off on one of the power supply units?

That is what we show here:


Now, when we say that all our fiber media converter range is universal, and fits into chassis, one thing you need to note, that to fix them (not just plug in) – you will need to attach rack mount adapter – these comes in set with chassis when you order it. Here you can see how you add this mount to converter:




14 slots media converter rack, for fiber media converters, dual power supply included – AC+AC


14 slots media converter rack, for fiber media converters, dual power supply included – AC+DC


14 slots media converter rack, for fiber media converters, dual power supply included – DC+DC


The AN-CH05 provides 14 module slots for any combination of media converter. Chassis can be used as concentrator for AD-Technology unmanaged converter series – for installing in 19′ rack. You can take same module out and use as standalone module, and no need guess, how much you will need media converters for chassis, and how much will need for standalone – AD-net has solved this problem, by making our converters – pure universal.

Designed for continuous operation, the chassis is equipped with dual cooling fans and redundant power supplies (optional). Its Plug-and-Play and Hot-Swap features allow installing/removing the converter unit without powering off the chassis. AN-CH05 rack-mount chassis eliminates the external power adapters for AN-UM series media converters and organizes multiple converters in a single unit, which makes it the perfect solution for managing multiple AN-UM series converters.

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