• Providing standard STM-1 optical interface complying with G.664;
  • Providing two electrical ethernet interface and two optical ethernet interface;
  • With excellent synchronization characteristics;
  • Optional power supply, DC-48V or AC220V.

AN-STM-1-GETH applies 19″ standard rack of 1U high, the outside profile of the rack is shown in figure below:

The front panel includes power switch (POWER), STM-1 optical interface,1000Base-LX(SFP) interface,1000Base-T interface,Network Magment System interface  and indicators etc.

Front panel includes:

SDH:2 X STM1 interface, SFP Standard
Ethernet:2 X 1000Base-LX or 1000Base-SX,SFP standard
2 X 1000Base-T interface ,Rj45
NMS: Network Magment System ,100Base-T interface

Technical Parameters

STM-1 Optical interface

Optical interface speed: 155520kbit/s (STM-1, G.957, frame structure G.707)
Interface code type: According to the codes stipulated in G.957
Digital signal: Accord to G.707 and G.958
Light source: LD
Output optical power         ≥ -9dBm
Receiver type                     PINFET
Receiving sensitivity          ≤ -35dBm (BER ≤10-11)
Optical connector type       LC
Central wavelength     850 1310/1550 nm (depending on optical module)
Optional transmission distance           0~40km (40~120km, to be customized)

Ethernet interface

Electric UTP type

User type: 10 /100/1000M Base-T
Port specification: Accord to IEEE802.3 10/100/1000M Base-T/FL
Transmission code rate   1000Mbps


Port type                                   SFP

Port specification                      Accord to IEEE802.3 1000Base-LX/SX

Transmission code rate   1.25Gbps

Optical connector type       LC

Power supply

Input voltage               DC-48V

Voltage fluctuation      -36VDC ~ -72VDC

Input voltage               AC220V 50HZ

Voltage fluctuation      185V ~ 265V

Power consumption    < 30W

Mechanical parameters

Standalone type (19″):

Dimensions                 440mm(W) × 43.5mm(H) × 227mm(D)

Weight                        < 4.0 kg

Rack type                    EIA 19″ rack

Environment requirements

The complete device is able to work in a wide range of environmental temperature and operate normally and steadily in environmental extremes.

Working temperature  -5℃ ~ +40℃

Storing temperature    -25℃ ~ +55℃

Relative humidity       ≤ 85% (30℃)

Air pressure               70 ~ 106 kpa

No corrosive and solvent gas, and free from flying dust and magnetic-field interference.


Application scenario:




10/100/1000M Ethernet over STM-1, 19 inch chassis, support SNMP NMS, 1+1 STM-1 LC dual fiber 20KM,10/100/1000Base-T


optional double 1+1 AC/DC power

SNMP card

SNMP card into the chassis, Xview SNMP NMS software

Product Description

AN-STM-1-GETH Ethernet/STM-1 Converter provides access, converging, transmission and management functions for TDM services and wideband IP services based on SDH technology. It is a comprehensive access and conversion system for the conventional telecommunication services and the wideband data services.

AN-STM-1-GETH is an interface conversion equipment supplied with one STM-1 optical interface, two electrical ethernet interface and two optical ethernet interface.

AN-STM-1-GETH carries the data services via the container in SDH.

AN-STM-1-GETH applies 19 rack of 1U high, which can be placed on the desktop or installed in a cabinet of 2.2m or 2.6m high, and can directly drive the top-mounted aural-visual alarm unit.

There are three power supply choices for AN-STM-1-GETH: AC ~220V, DC -48V, and AC ~220V with DC-48V backup. The choise is to be made by the user according to the actual situation.

The design of AN-STM-1-GETH complies with ITU-T and the relevant SDH specifications set forth by Chinese Ministry of Information Industry. Refer to the below table for details:



Network node interface for the synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH)


Structure of Recommendations on Equipment for the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)


Types and characteristics of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) Equipment


Characteristics of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) equipment functional blocks


Synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) management


Physical/electrical characteristics of hierarchical digital interfaces


Optical interfaces for equipments and systems relating to the synchronous digital hierarchy


Digital line systems based on the. synchronous digital hierarchy for use on optical fibre cables


Architecture of transport networks based on the synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH)


Error performance parameters and objectives for international constant bit-rate digital
paths at or above the primary rate


Timing characteristics of SDH equipment slave clocks (SEC)


Control of Jitter and Wander within Digital Networks Which Are Based on the 2048 KBIT/S


Control of Jitter and Wander within Digital Networks Which are Based on the Synchronous
Digital Hierarchy (SDH)


Types and Characteristics of SDH Network Protection Architectures

Technical System Of Optical Synchronous Transmission Network by Chinese Ministry of Information

Chinese national standard: Requirements for synchronous digital hierarch (SDH) optical fiber cable
line systems of national public telecommunication network



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