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  • Fully SDH based platform – it can be used not only as STM-1 Ethernet converter, but also as a SDH terminal mux
  • Easy in operation, easy to install;
  • Q3 or SNMP(10Base-T),RS-485 interface
  • GUI manager for features set up
  • 4E1 lines together with Ethernet port – as a bonus;
  • Different STM-1 wavelenghts and distances – WDM/Single Mode/Multimode up to 120 km
  • Standard 19 inch 1 unit box
  • -48V DC or 220V AC or +24V DC power supply

SDH signal interface:
Bit rate: 155520kbit/s (STM-1,G.957, framing G.707)
Line code: Scrambled NRZ
Optic ports:1 or 2 optic ports selected

Ethernet data port
Two 100Base-Tx Ethernet ports.
Comply with IEEE 802.3 related suggestions.
10M/100M auto-adapted
The channel rate of Ethernet can be adjusted among 2M to 100M, and the rate can be decided by setting the quantity of VC12(1~46).
Half duplex/full duplex auto-adapted
HP auto-MDIX,MDI and MDI-X auto-adapted,connector:RJ45 socket

Application scenario:




STM-1 to Ethernet converter, single or multimode, or WDM up to 120 km, 48 V or 220 AC/110 V AC


The core of a AN-STM-ETH unit is the SDH processing block implemented in a single FPGA. Its functions include SDH mapping, pointer processing, multiplexing, framing, clock extraction, alarm detections. The Ethernet processing deals with the Ethernet interface functions, such as rate negotiation, CRC processing etc. The E1 interface block converts between TTL level and HDB3 signal format. FO interface converts STM-1 optical signal into electrical format for processing by the FPGA, and vice versa. Orderwire block allows maintenance telephone conversation to be established between two connected AN-STM-ETH units, or between the AN-STM-ETH and the AN-MSPP. A handset is used for orderwire instead of a full functional telephone set. As a CPE equipment, management on AN-STM-ETH is usually done through the management station connected to the AN-MSPP. When used in a point-to-point link, management is through the RS485 management port using TABS protocol. The power conversion block converts input -48V DC or 220V AC power supply to internal voltages for logical operations.

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