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  • 1 x E1 G.703 converter to Ethernet, Plug&Play!
  • E1 converter is based on self -Copyright IC.
  • Semi/full duplex self adapt, support VLAN.
  • RJ45 interface support auto-mdix.
  • Provide 2 clock types: E1 master clock, E1 line clock.
  • E1 converter to Ethernet provide 3 loop functions: local loop, to remote loop, order remote loop.
  • Have pseudo random code test function, easy the installation and maintenance.
  • E1 converter support 2 impedances: 75 Ohm unbalance and 120 Ohm balance.
  • Have Ethernet monitor self-reset function, equipment will not dead.
  • Provide detecting real time Ethernet communication status.

E1 interface parameter:

  • Channel capacity: 1 Channels
  • interface rate: ungframing/framing: N*64Kbps,N=0~31;
  • Bit Rate: 2.048 Mb/s ±50 ppm
  • Line Code: HDB3
  • Line Impedance: 120 Ohm / 75 Ohm
  • Connector: RJ-45 or BNC
  • Pulse Shape: ITU-T G.703.
  • Jitter Performance: ITU-T G.823
  • clock: inter-clock, line-clock
  • Output jitter<0.05UI

Ethernet interface:

  • Interface Rate: 10/100Mbps
  • Duplex: half and full duplex self-adapt.
  • Interface character: match IEEE802.3, IEEE802.1 Q(VLAN)
  • Connector: RJ45, support auto-mdix
  • MAC address capability: 4096


  • DC: -48V (-36 to -72V); +24 V (Optional)
  • AC: 90 to 260 VAC ; 47 ~ 63Hz
  • Power Interface: DC power terminal/AC socket
  • Power Consumption: 8 W maximum

Working environment:

  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50 °C
  • Storage temperature: -20; to +70 °C
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 90% (25 °C no condense)


140mm (depth) x 210mm (width) x 40mm

Let’s test AN-E1-ETH E1 to Ethernet converter using NetIO-GUI Client – Server Utility. In this setup, we will use NetIO-GUI Client – Server Utility – with 2 mini PC’s at both sides of the link, and make a test with different packet sizes to see what we get from E1 G.703!


E1 - 10/100BaseT converter 2048Kbps, Unframed, 10/100 Base T, SUPPORT VLAN, AC/110 OR 220 V


E1 - 10/100BaseT converter 2048Kbps, Unframed, ,10/100 Base T, SUPPORT VLAN, DC 48V


E1 - 10/100BaseT converter 2048Kbps Framed & Unframed nx64K timeslot selection via dip switch, 10/100 Base T, SUPPORT VLAN, AC/110 OR 220 V


E1 - 10/100BaseT converter 2048Kbps Framed & Unframed nx64K timeslot selection via dip switch ,10/100 Base T, SUPPORT VLAN, DC 48V


AN-E1-ETH-E E1 converter to Ethernet converter provides easy conversion from ITU-T G.703 E1 channel to Ethernet interface. Can used widely in connecting between WAN and LAN, monitoring, etc. The Ethernet interface is 10/100Mbps auto negotiation and can be full/half duplex. The E1 converter  is transparent and in full rate, which can support the E1 unframed mode, including fractional E1 per request. A pair of AN-E1-ETH-E offer a cost effective solution for using existing E1 leased lines for transparent Ethernet service. Local management of the AN-E1-ETH-E E1 converter to Ethernet is provided via DIP switches. Front panel LEDs monitor the G.703 link, Ethernet LAN and serial ports for status and Loss of Sync. AN-E1-ETH-E E1 to Ethernet converter compact G.703 Access Converter provides E1/2.048 Mbps Network Termination as well as serial or Ethernet LAN interface conversion in a standalone or rack mount package. AN-E1-ETH-E terminates the G.703 Telco interface and converts the data for transmission to a user-oriented 10BaseT interface