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  • Standard SNMP protocol, support standard MIB.
  • Support monitor system status and parameter setting with MS IE.
  • Support over gateway communication, network management master can manage multi subbranch equipment.
  • Support monitor of remote equipment from local equipment.
  • The number of equipment to be monitored is only limited by the number of available IP address.
  • Graph user interface according with real equipment status.
  • Display all history alarms and current alarm

Network management software for SNMP card ( AN-NM01; AN-NM02; AN-NM03 )


AN-NM-VIEW Ver3.0 is state-of-art SNMP management software what can be used for network control, management and quick fault allocation features.
Along with rapidly development of construction and application of large-scale internet, the wide application of new technology and new equipment makes the network even more complicated. Under such circumstances, resource distribution degree and sharing degree have enhanced greatly, any small breakdown may cause user failure of his application. How to discover and eliminate potential breakdown soon and effectively manage network well is the common question of providers of network equipment and network service. Network operators are in urgent need of network management tool which is of perfect function, safe and reliable, convenient and flexible for using to strengthen the ability of network management and enhance the using efficiency of network.

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