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  • Small sized, easy to use
  • Transfer rate of up to 384KBPS
  • At the same time support for synchronous and asynchronous modes
  • There are LED light the divection of the instructions
  • Two-way conversion
  • Connect with cable
  • Work full-duplex

standards in line with EIA RS-232 and CCITT V.24
standards in line with V.35(Model AN-RS-232/V35)
standards in line with X.21(Model AN-RS-232/X21)
standards in line with RS-449 and RS-530 (AN-RS-232/RS499)

Model AN-RS-232/V35: one DB-25 to M/34 connect cable
Model AN-RS-232/X21: one DB-25 to DB-15 connect cable
Model AN-RS-232/RS499: one DB-25 to DB-37 connect cable

Transfer mode:a synchronous or synchronous,full duplex,full transparency

Rate: up to 384Kbps

Power:  two types – active and passive mode. In the Passive mode ports draw power from RS-232(TXD,RTS,or DTR) while in the active mode 9VDC using an external power supply. AC 110/220 VAC adapter supplied in set.

Size:117mm ×76mm ×30mm
Temperature rage:0 to 50 C(0% to 95%)


RS-232<->V.35 interface converter


RS-232<->X.21 interface converter


RS-232<->RS-449/RS-530 Interface converter


RS-232 signals are transparently converted to any choice of V.35.X.21orRS-449/RS-530) with a datarate of up to 384 kbps.

It is equipped with five LED’s to show status the of both sides of the interfaces. Unit that can work in two modes – passive and active.  Thwre are 3 models available:

Model AN-RS-232/V35,  which is RS-232<->V.35 Interface converter series unit.

Model AN-RS-232/X21,    which is RS-232<->X.21 Interface converter series unit.

Model AN-RS-232/RS-449, which is RS-232<->RS-449/RS-530 Interface converter series unit.

Products have been widely used in such industries like electricity, insurance, telecommunications, banking, security, industrial and other sectors of the various types of communications systems to meet different communication interface of the interconnection equipment.

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