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● Electric interface: RS-232C interface DB25 hole connector RS-422/485 interface 4-bit terminal or RJ-11 port
● Transmission media: twisted-pair cable or shielded cable
● Working mode: asynchronous half or full duplex
● Signal indication: a dual color signal indication light indicates TD, RD data
● Isolation: isolation voltage 3500VRMS 500VDC sequence
● Power supply: serial port electricity stealing at RS-232 end. External power supply connecting at RS-422/485 end

Application fields:
● Point to point, point to multi-point communication
● Industrial distribution system, industrial control automation
● Road traffic control automation
● Closed circuit monitoring
● Security protection system
● Intelligent card, check on work attendance gate safety system

Conforms to EIA /RS-232 and RS-422/485 standards.

Connectors and signals
The ATC-107 has a DB-25 female connector on the RS-232 side and a terminal block connector on the RS-422/485 side

RS-232 Side:
Connector: DB-25 Female.
Signals:Unit will be connected into a DTE interface.

Use Pins 3 (TXD)2 (RXD) and 7 (Near side ground) .

Use Pin 24 20 to power from unit’s RS-232 side.

RS-422/485 Side:

RS-422 Connector: 4 position terminal  block : (1)T+ (2)T-(3)R-(4)R+.

RS-485 Connector: 4 position terminal block: (1)485+, (2)485-.

Signals: Dual-duplex or Half-duplex two-wire/four-wire operation only.

Data Rate:
300 to 115.2 KBPS, up to 1.2km at 38.4 KBPS.

Sending Control
Unit can use handshake lines to power the converter, no handshaking is required to control the RS-422/RS-485 driver. the RS-485 driver is automatically enabled during each spacing state on the RS-232 side. During the marking or idle state, the RS-485 driver is disabled and the data lines are held in the marking state by the 4.7K Ohm pull-up and pull-down resistors.

Operating Distance
Data Rate (KBPS)      38.4  19.2  9.6  4.8
Maximum Distance (km) 1.2   2.0   2.5   3.5 (using 24 AWG wire)

At the RS-422/485 side, unit is powered by an external power supply (+9VDC to [email protected]) by a AC/DC adapter. At the RS-232 side It powered by RS-232 signals TXD,RTS or DTR. You only need one of these signals, the ground signals in two sides are different.

RS-422/RS-485 switch selectable for RS-422/485 operation mode. If you set unit to RS-422 mode, then it  can convert the TD and RD signals of RS-232 into balanced Dual –duplex RS-422 signals. If you set unit to RS-485 mode, then it can convert the TD and RD signals of RS-232 into balanced Halfl –duplex RS-485 signals.

LED light
One LED indicates sending data to (RED) or receiving data from (GREEN) RS-422/485 bus.

Optical Isolation is rated at 2500V.

8mm x 75mm x 20mm

0* to 50* C
5% to 95% relative humidity.


RS-232 to RS-422/485 Isolated bi-directional Interface Converter


The AN-OS-RS-232/422/485 is a series of a bi-directional interface converters. AN-OS-RS-232/422/485 optically isolate and convert unbalanced, full or half-duplex RS-232 signals to 0ptically isolated, balanced, full or halfduplex RS-422 or RS-485 signals at baud rates up to 115.2 kbps.

These units also surge suppress the RS-422/485 lines. They feature Send Data Control circuitry so no software control of handshake lines is required in RS-485 mode. AN-OS-RS-232/422/485 has built-in isolators for high voltage (2500V) protection. it provides Point-to-Point, Multidrop and Simplex Operations. AN-OS-RS-232/422/485 can be powered from the DC 9V, 200mA power adapter. One slide switches are used to configure its operation mode.

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