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● DB9-S/P space saving connector
● Interface is compatible with EIA/TIA RS-232C and RS-422 standard
● High efficiency serial port electricity stealing technology, need no external power supply, real three line (TD, RD, GND) mode communication
● Communication speed: 0-115.2KBPS
● Transmission distance: 0-1200meter @24AWG

RoHs compliant – Lead free parts and manufacturing
Plugs into DB9-PC serial port
Input CMOS/TTL protected (-7V to +12V)

RS-232, TTL signal levels

TTL/CMOS input
Low (<0.8V)
RS-232 Input

RS-232 output
+5V minimum, +9V typical
-5V minimum, +9V typical


RS-232 to CMOS/TTL converter


AN-RS-232-TTL converter provides low cost solution for converting the RS-232 serial com port generated signals to CMS/TTL level signals for prototype or testing low level microprocessor or microcontroller based systems.

The RS-232C side can be connected directly to PC DB9 serial port connector. That makes a AN-RS-232-TTL converter as a great solution for connecting external CMOS/TTL equipment, being prototyped on your PC or laptop computer. Converter is powered by host computer systems sygnal lines. This eliminates the need for an additional external power supply making the adapter as ideal choice for portable use.

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