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    • Support Fx Port 1+1 automatic protection switching
    • The equipment support 2 Fx port with a hot-swappable SFP slot
    • Support FX port with 1+1 automatic protection switching,switching time will less than 30ms
    • Rack-Mountable
    • Supports hot plugging
    • Support 16-slot Rack management
    • Powerful Network Management function(Web,SNMP,Console)
    • Full State Led display
    • Easy installation
    • Fiber Port Supports functions monitoring for SFP modules
    • Fiber Port Supports Standard SFP modules port
    • Ethernet Port Supports Ethernet frame length: 64~9600 bytes packet.
    • Ethernet Port Complies with IEEE802.3ah
    • Ethernet port Supporting 1000/100M, full duplex autosensing
    • Ethernet port support MDI/MDIX
Performance Data Technical Indexes
Equipment function Media Converter
Transmission Speed 1.25Gb/s
Access Type 1.25G LAN/ 1.25G WAN
Interface Type Type: 1*ETHERNET/SFP to 2*SFP (backup protect)
Transmission Distance SFP module: Up to 80Km

Network management


Card type information

SFP fiber module detection

SFP fiber module DMI function (Temperature ,Voltage , Optical power)

Link status detector

Remote card’s status monitor (only in pairs)


Power requirement

Rack-mountable : AC 85 ~ 220V OR DC -48V

Standalone: AC 220V OR DC -48V

Power consumption: ≤ 3.5 W

Work Environment

Operating Temp: 0~ 50 ℃

Storage Temp: -10~ 70 ℃

Humidity: 5%~90% ( non-condensing )


Card: 11.5mm (W) × 78mm (D)× 26mm (H)/ 81.4GS (NET WEIGHT)

Standalone:156mm(W)× 128mm(D)× 32mm (H)/0.85KGS (NET WEIGHT)





Front panel








Remote1 Remote2



FX to FX backup , 1000M 1-Port SFP to 2-Port SFP Slot Media Converter


TX to FX backup , 1000M 1-Port TP to 2-Port SFP Slot Media Converter


1.25 Gb/s optical 1+1 backup type protection media converter with 1 FX SFP type downlink port and 2 SFP type FX uplink ports ,can realize the optical line 1 + 1 redundancy protection in point-to-point mode, it can provide Optical Port automatic protection switching.


16-slot multifunctional management system is a Ethernet and SDH transmission equipment with high price/performance ratio, and it can support 10/100M Ethernet fiber media converter, 10/100/1000M Ethernet fiber media converter, 1 fiber + 2 RJ45 Ethernet fiber media converter, 10G Ethernet fiber media converter, 125M~4.25G OEO, and 10G OEO at the same time. It can support variety of data rate, SM/MM, single fiber/double fiber, SFP, SFP+ and XFP etc. With simple set-up and complete function management interface, it supports protocols like SNMP, WEB, CONSOLE and TELNET, and realizes the integrated management to all chassis.


  • This is 1.25 Gb/s optical transmission equipment ,can realize the optical line 1 + 1 redundancy protection in point-to-point mode, it can provide Optical Port automatic protection switching.
  • This device uses a centralized management platform to monitor and manage the device, it is very convenient. Also supports SNMP.

This equipment is high integration, low power consumption, stable performance, easy installation, can be widely used in telecommunications, electricity and financial industries.

Device supporting protocols like WEB,EMS and SNMP

  • Supports WEB management: Users can set up IP and users’ authority, display/control local and remote media converters with WEB on browser, such as IE
  • Special management software(EMS): Control center operates backstage with special management software, adopts information and keeps in management PC hard disk as database. It can set up users’ authority and display/control local and remote media converters
  • Standard SNMP protocol: It offers MIB files, convenient to be merged to the third party’s SNMP; users’ can set up 4 TRAP address, choose TRAP irritation factor according to users’ needs, such as Link to Down for TX, and Link to Down for FX

Management information

  • Supporting network device auto-sensing and adding
  • Complete system information can be set up and displayed, including the name of the chassis, terrain information, related information of IP, constant operating time and the versions of the hardware and soft ware
  • Real time display of voltage and temperature on the cards of the media converters, temperature of chassis and report fault in time
  • Supporting SFP and it can show the SFP information and digital diagnosis function
  • Remote power off alarming, precisely distinguish remote failure
  • Equipment restart, system or module restart by management software, set-up information on each module will be stored spontaneously when power off
  • Reset to factory set up or dip switch status are optional
  • Each port at local or remote devices can be set up or tracked, including the connecting status, connecting speed, half/full duplex, port locked
  • Supporting management within bandwidth, managing remote equipments conveniently
  • Powerful historical alarming and operating log information tracking and management function
  • Supporting FTP online upgrading

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