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  • PAL, NTSC, SECOM All-systems compatible
  • Eliminates coaxial cable
  • Up to 300 meters (1000 feet) via Category 5 unshielded twisted-pair cable
  • Open on spot and easy adjustment
  • Convenient installation


Close-Circuit TV (CCTV) equipment for security and surveillance.

Normal Output Level

1Vp-p/ 75ІИ


Video: DC to 6 MHz.

Differential Gain


Differential Phase

2 deg

Weighted Signal-noise-ratio


Strong ability of anti-interference

surge protection: 6000V/1.2ІS

Insertion Loss

Less than 1.5 dB per pair over the frequency range from DC to 6 MHz

Max. Distance Color

Cat 3 ЈC492 ft (150m); Cat 5 ЈC 738 ft (225m)

Max. Distance Black & White

Cat 3 ЈC1246 ft (380m); Cat 5 ЈC 1804 ft (550m)


Two (2) screw terminals for twisted pair

BNC Connector

175mm(6.89ЁБ) Coaxial cable tail included


Operating: -25 to 70 C.  Storage:-25 Cto 8 C. Humidity: up to 95%


ABS fire retardant plastic


35 g


Length 51mm(2.0) * Width 30mm(1.18) * Height 17mm(0.67ЁБ)


Single Channel Passive Transceiver, Two screw terminals for UTP cable, Male BNC with extend 17.5cm pigtail


Usedinpairs,theCCTVBaluneliminatescostlyand bulky coaxial cable, allowing CCTV security and surveillance equipment to be connected using standard structured cabling techniques for neater and more streamlined cabling.

The flexible mini coax cable lead allows the product to fit neatly inside CCTV camera back boxes and dome camera enclosures.

The CCTV Balun also works in conjunction with other CCTV baluns such as the AN-V-AR and AN-V-A series active receivers for a complete cabling solution.

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