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  • Integrates audio, data and video in one system.
  • All the interfaces comply with the international standard.
  • Various service interface, including: E1, 10/100Base-Tx, V.35, Audio and Video, 64Kbps, V.35(N*64K), RS232/RS485, FXO/FXS, magnet telephone, hot line telephone, E&M etc.
  • Flexible configuration and setup, plug and play.
  • The bandwidth of data and video can be widened smoothly.
  • Unified AM-NM-VIEW network management platform, managing and configuring easily. With perfect supervision and test function, remote end manageable.
  • Flexible video configuration, MPEGII and MPEGIV mode can be configured by software.
  • As MPEGII mode, transport bandwidth is 1~4 ports 2M channel. One of the channels can be divided into framed and it can be combined with the voice into one 2M channel. The transport rate is adjustable on the basis of N*64K(N=1~31).
  • As MPEGIV mode, audio can be transported with voice and data in one 2M channel.
  • For every service direction, AN-MFISM-CPE can provide 2 ports Ethernet interface with different priority. It uses the high priority to transport image and uses the low priority for data.
  • Max capacity of AN-MFISM-A is 64*2M, max voice capacity 120 channels.
  • Powerful cross connection capacity 2048×2048 (64k basis) of AN-MFISM-A. AN-MFISM-A can be configured as full 64×E1 DXC.
  • The power supply card and cross connection card support 1+1 redundancy with high reliability. All the cards support hot-swapping.




AN-MFISM-A High-end Integrated Service Multiplexer

19 inch standard rack with 16 physical slots, 12 slots for general service cards

Module type

PWR card

Support 1+1 dual protection,DC-48V input

Ring voltage 75V, 25Hz, provide +5V and -5V for system

MDX card

Provide 64×E1 cross connection ability

Main control and monitoring function

With 8×E1 interface (75Ω or 120Ω)

E1 card

With 4×E1 or 8×E1 interface for more E1 applications

CHU card

Provide 10 ports voice channels, support FXO/FXS, magnet phone, hotline phone, E&M, 64Kb data, RS232 data, RS485 data, V35 data etc.

Data card

Support 10/100Base-T module and V35 data module

VIDEO card

With 4×E1 interface, support MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 coding and decoding

AN-MFISM-CPE High-end Integrated Service Multiplexer

1U Compact Design with module

Module type

CHU module

Support up to 16 voice channels

Data module

V35 data module

10/100 Base-T module

Wideband ETH×E1 module

NMS interface

Network management system interface

RS232 or RS485

Ethernet (SNMP)


Video rate

128K-8M bps

Video output mode

Fixed rate or variable rate


both supported

PAL mode

720×576, 704×576, 640×576, 480×576, 352×576, 352×288, 176×144

NISC mode

720×480, 704×480, 640×480, 480×480, 352×240, 352×480, 176×144

Video output mode



ISO/IEC-14496-2 MPEG-4 [email protected], L2 and L3 ISO/IEC-13818-2 MPEG-2 [email protected]


Audio sampling frequency

8K, 32K, 44.1K, 48KHz

Coding mode

MPEG1 Audio Layer I/II, G.729, G.711, MP3


8K,32K, 64K, 192K, 224K, 384K bps

Audio mode

Stereo, Joint, Dual, Mono

Power supply consumption


DC-48V<100W (full loaded)


DC-48V or AC 220V<20W





W×H×D (mm) 440×310×265


W×H×D (mm) 440×44×209


W×H×D (mm) 440×44×209


AD-net provides all types of PCM multiplexers, from high-end to low-end, from standard size to miniaturized, from rack mount to portable. All multiplexers offer variable service interfaces, flexible system configuration, high reliability and cost competitiveness. AN-MFISM-A and CPE multiplexer is a key member of PCM multiplexer family.


AN-MFISM-A and CPE is a powerful multi-service access platform that combines video, audio and data service together. AN-MFISM-A is an aggregation device that can be inserted up to 16 service cards, which can be E1, MDX, DATA, CHU, VIDEO, PWR card, etc, AN-MFISM-CPE is a CPE device that used by end customers. AN-MPEG-C12 MPEGII/IV Coder/Decoder can work together with AN-MFISM-CPE to provide video service at the end. AN-MPEG-C12 converts analog audio and video signals to DVD-quality like digital stream.

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