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  • Portable, lightweight and efficient, reliable and quick and easy installation
  • LED indicator to facilitate understanding of the equipment running status
  • Supports embedded audio
  • Support the maximum transmission distance of up to 20KM
  • Support HD/3G-SDI digital audio and video standards
  • Mini USB type interface, power supply 5V
  • High compatibility, can auto-match source and display device;
  • Built-in automatic adjustment system, make the image smooth, clear and stable;
  • Built-in ESD protection system;
  • Simple to install, plug and play;
Parameter Description
Video Standards HD-SDI, 3G-SDI
Signal Format SMPTE-292M HD-SDI or SMPTE-259M SDI Digital Video and many others
Maximum data rate 2.97Gbps
Resolution range

1920*[email protected]; 1920*[email protected]; 1920*[email protected]; 1920*[email protected]; 1920*[email protected]; 1280*[email protected];

1280*[email protected];

Connector BNC
Impedance 75Ω
Optical fiber Interface ST connector
Fiber type Multi/Single-mode single fiber
Wavelength 1310nm
Interface bandwidth 3Gbps
Transmission distance

Multi-mode fiber: standard 2km

Single-mode fiber: standard 20km

Other Power supply The power adapter: DC 5V/1A
Power dissipation MAX 5W
Temperature Operating: -5℃ ~ +70℃
Humidity Operating: 5% ~ 90%
The warranty 1 year free warranty

Micro type  3G SDI Optical transmitter & receiver


Micro type 3G SDI Optical transmitter & receiver


Micro type  3G SDI Optical transmitter & receiver


This Red LED is on when the Mini3G-SDI-TX unit has been

power properly.


This Green LED is off when laser output is activated. This

also indicates 3D-SDI video signal is presented


This Red LED is on when the Mini3G-SDI-RX has been

power properly.


This Green LED is off when receiver input is activated. This

also indicates 3D-SDI video signal is presented.

Package list

  • 3G SDI optical fiber transmitter ………. 1 pcs
  • 3G SDI optical fiber receiver ……………. 1 pcs
  •  Power adapter ………………………………..2 pcs
  •  Mini USB cable  ……………………………..2 pcs
  •  User manual ………………………………….. 1 pcs


Most cable manufacturers identify individual fibers in the fiber cable. Select an appropriate terminated fiber. Each unit’s optical ports in the system are specified for use with Multimode (62.5/125 micron) fiber, or Single mode (9/125micron) fiber. Follow the ensuing instructions for installing and connecting the fiber optic links:

  1. Ensure the power is off before proceeding with the fiber optic cable installation.
  2. Prior to connecting the fiber optic cables, remove and save the dust caps from the optical port of both the Mini 3G-SDI units and the user’s device. Clean the fiber optic connector and use a lint-free cloth dampened with alcohol to thoroughly wipe the sides and end of the ferrule.
  3. Cross-connect the fibers from one unit to the other connecting the near end Mini 3G-SDI unit’s optical TX port to the far end Mini3G-SDI unit’s optical RX port

The warranty time is one year and life-long maintenance. During this period, any belongs to under normal usage circumstance cause because of the product quality’s problem of breakdown, our company will be responsible for giving free maintain.

Free maintain won’t be given under the following circumstance:

  • The malfunction and damaged caused by incorrect use, the unauthorized repairs and alteration;
  • The damage caused by fire, flood, abnormal voltage, other natural disasters and secondary product damage;
  • The product malfunction caused by not in accordance with the user manual operation;
  • The malfunction and damaged caused by the other barriers(man-made factors or external device);

Any problems in the after-sales service, please contact us directly.

In this setup we use Micro SDI converter together with our SDI-HDMI converter set, to have SDI signal first extended over fiber and then shown on HDMI type monitor.


Micro type USB powered 3G SDI Optical transmitter & receiver, single mode or multimode type versions available


3G SDI Optical transmission system is used to solve the new high-definition camcorder 1080P 60Hz ultra-long-distance high-speed 3G SDI signal transmission equipment, optical fiber through a one-way transmission of high-quality high-definition signal SMPTE-424M 3G HD-SDI , SMPTE-292M HD and SMPTE-259M.
This system can use for a wide range of applications requiring long distance transmission of high resolution with high quality by its good stability and powerful security.

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