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  • 8 x 1.25 GB SFP slot uplinks to network (switches, routers, IP-PABX, or IPTV servers)
  • Uplink ports can accept any kind and distance and SFP’s, also UTP type SFP’s
  • If configured under electric UTP type port, it can work in adaptive 10/100/1000 Mbit/s modes
  • Supports VLAN division per ports
  • Supports 802.1Q, 802.1P protocols
  • Up to 4096 entries for VLAN’s
  • Capacity for supported MAC addreses is 16K
  • Supports broadcast restrain function in down links, this can protect PON network from influence of broadcast storms
  • Supports broadcast discharge which is permitted by bandwidth granuality configuration based on 64Kbit/s
  • Supports ports convergence function – up to 8 converged ports are supported, which means converged port BW can be up to 8 Gbit/s.
  • Offers 2 control interfaces, local and network
  • Support 3 types of management: CLI, TELNET and SNMP
  • Network control supports in-band and out-band
  • Memory capacity 16M – which can store big amounts of configuration
  • Real time fault alarms by indicators and in EMS

Power consumption >15 W (please check whole chassis specifications here)

Uplink data ports specifications:

Number of ports: 8
Form: SFP type
Voltage: 3.3V
Speed: for Optical modules 1000M full duplex, for Electrical type (such as this) – 10/100/1000 adaptive

Console port:

Interface type: RJ-45, console cable RJ45/DB comes in set
Speed: 9600 Bit/s

Outband network management interface:

Standard: IEE802.3
Transmission speed: 10M Full duplex
Cable: RJ-45, use cross cable to connect to PC, or straght to connect to HUB
Distance 100 m


Main control card for modular OLT – supports, SNMP MIB, EMS system and control functions (must be inlcuded in each chassis)


AN-8000-M is a module that must be installed in AN-E-OLT8000 to get it work, and at least 1 SFP module for uplink must be installed. More modules can be added later as your network grows. AN-8000-M performs 2 main functions exchange and control. Exchange part provides 2 layers of exchange functions to PON module cards, and control port gives control function possibilities for all GEPON system. Core part of the board is 16 port GB chip – 8 ports are connected to uplink SFP’s, and another 8 – to downlink PON modules further connected to ONU’s.

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