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  • High-speed transmission of Ethernet network signal and Analog CVBS signal over one coaxial cable
  • Simultaneously transmit IP & Analog video signal as far as 500m.
  • Excellent real-time function.
  • The highest rate up to 50Mbps.
  • 10/100M network environments compatible.
  • Strong anti-interference, suitable for industrial environment use, easy installation.
  • Perfect solution to upgrade and renovate traditional analog system into digital IP surveillance system.
  • No need to install any computer drivers and software settings.




Power Supply

Power Adapter for Power Supply

Available Voltage Range


Power Consumption


Signal Transmission Type and Terminal

Ethernet Communication Terminal

RJ45 Socket

Analog Video Terminal

BNC Terminal

Hybrid Transmission Terminal

BNC Terminal

Signal Transmission Type

High-speed Transmission of Ethernet Network Signal

Transmission Rate ( SY-75-5 )

50Mbps/s ( Maximum )

Transmission  Rate ( Coaxial Cable SY-75-5 )

Transmission Distance

Total Transmission Rate ( Maximum )

Transmission Rate ( Downlink Maximum )

Transmission Rate ( Uplink Maximum )





LED Indicator

Power Indicator

1PC ( Red )

Ethernet Terminal Indicator

1PC ( Green )

Ethernet Data Transceiver Indicator

1PC ( Yellow )


Transmission Channel Lightening Protection

4KV 10/700us, common mode lightning protection: Level 4

1KV 10/700us, differential mode lightning protection: Level 1

Executive Standard: IEC61000-4-5

Product Electrostatic Protection

1a Contact Discharge Level 4

1b Air Discharge Level 4

Executive Standard: IEC61000-4-2

Product Physical


Dimensions (L × W × H)

120mm × 90mm × 24mm ( including the terminal length )





Net weight




Working Temperature

0° C -50° C

Storage Temperature

0° C -85° C


0° C -95° C

Application example:


Installation Instructions and Steps:


1. Use a AN-CX-IP-A as the local receiver ( factory has set ): Connect a network cable with network switch (or computer, NVR); Connect “Video out” terminal to DVR or monitor; Connect “Coax Cable In” terminal to coaxial cable.
2. Use the other
AN-CX-IP-A as a remote transmitter ( factory has set ): Connect “LAN” termianl to IP camera ( or other IP devices; such as: computers, etc. ); Connect “Video in” terminal to analog camera; Connect “Coax Cable Out” terminal to coaxial cable.
3. Supply power for the devices.


Installation Video:



IP (LAN) & Analog over Coax Transceiver | Signal Extender, AC power 110/220


The maximum bandwidth can reach 50Mbps via RG59 ( 75-5 ) coaxial cable. This device should be used in pair, one as a local receiver and the other as a remote transmitter. It’s widely applied in system upgrading projects and many fields of railway, urban traffic, security surveillance. As an IP device you can use any IP camera, PC or even LAN switch.

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