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  • Max transmission distance can reach 1,000m (RVS 2×1mm2)
  • Max physical bandwidth can reach 200Mbps
  • Support power over coax technology (12~57VDC/POE)
  • Transparent transmission, no adjustment and no need to change the upper software
  • 35mm guide rail type installation, plug and play, anti-interference ability design




Available Voltage Range


Power Consumption

≤5W / PC

Transmission / Rate

Standard Compliance

IEEE1901, IEEE802.3

Up down Agreement


Physical Speed


Encryption Way

128-bit AES Encryption



>30000 hours

Physical Characteristic

Dimension (L × W × H)




Net Weight


Operating Environment

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


Working Humidity

20%~85% Non-condensation

Storage Humidity

10%~90% Non-condensation

Cable Tips


Telephone Line: Category 3 or above


Power line: RVV / RVS / RVVP / RVB 2×0.5mm2 above


UTP Cable: Cat5 or above

Coaxial cable: RG59 or above

Accessories Spec


RJ45 port by EIA / TIA568B


BNC/2-wire Converter (Optional)


Power Adapter: 48~57VDC regulated power supply, 5mm female power port (Optional)





Installation instructions





 Installation Diagram

  1. This product supports PoC and PoE equipment to use. Within 500m distance, you only need to connect the PoE power supply equipment to Master unit. The Slave unit and remote PoE devices all can be powered.


  1. When the Master uses 48 ~ 57VDC power adapter to supply power, within 500m distance, the Slave unit and remote PoE devices all can be powered. If the transmission distance is longer (for example 1000m), the power loss is bigger. You can supplement access to 48 ~ 57VDC power adapter for Slave unit. The remote PoE devices can be powered.

  1. If the remote devices are not PoE devices, you can offer 12VDC power supply for the Master and Slave unit separately, the remote devices are needed to be powered separately.


 Notes: In order to ensure the power supply with low transmission loss, we suggest that customers use high quality cables such as coaxial cables: above RG59, 2-wire cable: above 2×0.75mm2, network cable: Cat5 or above.

Network Data Rate

The graph below shows AN-LAN-EXT-ENH-200-I transmission distance and network data rate. The data differs from the cables types. When you use this device, please choose the suitable cables in line with your demands.


The above data for TCP throughput is the measured data in the actual environment. The maximum physical layer data is 200Mbps. For coaxial cable transmission, performance is more stable, but it also affected by the cable and terminal matching methods. The above tests are all finished in the field test.

Installation Diagram

Figure 1- Basic Connection

Figure 2- Bus-architecture Connection

Figure 3-Daisy Chain Connection


Figure 4- Multicast

Tips: For a lot of front-end network equipment, you can use a network switch to collect. When more network devices are connected, you can choose 16 Channel Ethernet Extender Hub.


Use Tips

When you use AN-LAN-EXT-ENH-200-I, please follow the below tips as a reference, in order to reduce the fault in the process of using and the inspection work.

  1. The product can be set master-slave side and grouped by the software, please place Master in the Local network equipment for easily power supply.
  2. The signal transmission coaxial cable must be the international standard (RG59 or above). Poor quality coaxial cable can not transmit signal.
  3. Long distance cable connection must be formal connection methods, such as welding or using connectors. Pay attention to the quality of BNC terminal.
  4. Make sure the electrode of transmission cable is consistent, otherwise, it is easy to cause the power failure.
  5. Please choose matching power supply(12VDC or 4857VDC).
  6. There is no waterproof design for this product, please make sure it is used in dry environment.
  7. If device fails, do not disassemble or repair it by yourself. Please contact us timely.

Industrial Type Ethernet LAN Extender, transmit Ethernet and Power over any 2-wire cable


AN-LAN-EXT-ENH-200-I Industrial Ethernet Extender is single channel high-speed Ethernet transmission device.

It can simultaneously transmit Ethernet and Power over any 2-wire cable, such as Cat5, coaxial cable, telephone line, power line and so on. The Max transmission distance can reach 1,000m, and the Max bandwidth can reach 200Mbps.


This device contains the Master and Slave Unit, which supports point to point and point to multi-point network transmission. Now it has two type terminals BNC and 2P connector for your choice, which can be directly used with coaxial cable or 2-wire cable. It can greatly simplify the project cabling, applied to expand network system and transmit long distance PoE device signals.

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