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  • Transmits HDMI video and audio signals up to 50m over a single CAT6 cable;
  • Compliance with HDMI 1.3 and HDCP 1.2 standard;
  • Study EDID functionSupport 3D
  • Support video input : 24/50/60fs/1080p/1080i/720p/576p/576i/480p/480i
  • Support video output : 24/50/60fs/1080p/1080i/720p/576p/576i/480p/480i
  • Audio format support : DTS-HD/Dolby-true HD/LPCM7.1/DTS/ Dolby-AC3/DSD.
  • Support up to 5metres AWG26 cable length between extender and source & sink device
  • Built-in ESD protection system; Simple to install, plug and play;



Length of UTP CAT6

cable between Rx and TX

Up to 50 meters

HDMI Input


Support audio format input

DTS-HD/Dolby-true HD/LPCM7.1/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD

HDMI Output


Support audio format output

DTS-HD/Dolby-true HD/LPCM7.1/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD

Max transmission bandwidth


Input Video signal

0.5~1.5Volts p-p

Output DDC signal

5Volts p-p (TTL)

Input/Output HDMI1.3 cable distance

.≤20m AWG26 HDMI 1.3 standard cable

Max working current


Power adapter format

Input: AC (50HZ, 60HZ) 100V-240V; Output: DC5V/1 A

Operating Temperature range

(-15 to +55℃)

Operating Humidity range

5 to 90%RH (No Condensation)

Dimension (L x W x H)

72X69X25 (mm)



Gross weight




  1. Connect one HDMI 1.3 cable up to 20 meters between source device and TX Extender.
  2. Connect one HDMI 1.3 cable up to 20 meters between sink device and RX Extender
  3. Connect single UTP cat6 cables up to 50 meters instead of HDMI cable between TX and RX Extender
  4. Connect 5V power supply to the HDMI RX&TX Extender
  5. Learning EDID, the display device connected to the TX, long press for 3 seconds EDID, status indicator light flashing, copy is complete, (note: if there is no access to display devices, will restore the system default EDID)

In video you can see how small and light-weight it actually is and it really takes seconds to install it and get HDMI signal up and working.


However, in this video below, let’s make a quick installation of our small sized HDMI over Cat6 extender pair, and test it with CCTV tester as a monitor, and LG DVD player as transmitter for an HDMI signal:




HDMI signal extender over CAT6 cables, up to 50 m


AD-Net AN-HDMI-UTP-EXT01 used for a pair extension of this UTP CAT 6 cable to extend HDMI signal up to 50 meters, and can achieve 1080P, which not only broke the HDMI cable transmission length limitations, but also more convenient and flexible, the majority of customers are more cost savings. The production equipment company providing solutions for the following applications: such as noise, limited transmission distance and security, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentations and teaching environment and corporate training sites.

Our devices offers solutions for noise, space and security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate training environments.

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