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  • Support single fiber WDM technology (downstream 1490mm, upstream 1310mm), only need to link with OLT together by one fiber, the transfer length’s at least 20Km.
  • Bandwidth distribution has flexible, downstream share bandwidth by adapting encrypt broadcast transfer way for different user. .Upstream share bandwidth by TDMA .
  • Adjusts automatically speed rate according to the line status.
  • Support minimum speed rate adjustment based on as low as 1kbps, and establish firm basic to fractionize business for telecommunication dealer.
  • Support generally team broadcast function. User can choose to achieve mutual video multimedia business by themselves name (such as VOD, Video conference)
  • Bind user, MAC address and IP address together in order to prevent account was embezzled hostility, ramble, virus spread abroad and attack of hostility data stream., so that can provide perfect safety guarantee measure for user.
  • Support multi LLID and single LLID configuration mean. Different user and business can adapt different LLID access. Guarantee user’s different OOS grade.
  • Installation and maintenance are very easy. Support differed local/long-distance and many means to manage configuration and upgrade of software. Work in partial port OLT. It can make long-distance malfunction diagnosis and orientation function come true, and greatly reduces maintenance workload.
  • Network connects: Provide high speed date business for user.
  • FTTH connects: Provide high speed date business and CATV business for family user which already has speech copper line resource.
  • FTTB connects: adapt the mean of fiber to corridor or big corridor to provide high speed data business.
  • CATV connects: CATV Insert:1310/1490nm optical signal division, receiving 1550nm optical signal, simulative CATV signal ,IP TV signal, high definition TV signal , satellite signal.

Physics dimension (length194 x width117 x high30, unit: mm)
Power supply:DC 5V
Power consumption:6W
Operating temperature:0~50℃
Storage temperature:-40~80℃
Relative humidity:10~90% (non-condensation)


Standard :IEEE 802.3ah、IEEE 802.3、IEEE 802.3u、IEEE 802.3x、IEEE 802.3z 、IEEE802.1d、IEEE 802.1p、IEEE 802.1q、IEEE 802.1x、RFC1155、RFC1157、RFC1112、RFC1113 and so on.

Technical data:

A fixed 10/100M BASE-TX Port
A fixed 10/100/1000M BASE-TX Port
128 digit AES Encrypt
Support 8 logic link.
Each Ethernet port support 64 Mac Addresses based on 802.1D Bridging
Support 802.1Q VLAN
Support 802.1P
Support 40 stream (20 upstream/20 downstream)
Inbuilt 1.25 MB buffering
Support 802.3ah OAM
Support 802.3ah transfer error and revise
Inbuilt MIB
Frequency range: CATV/40~860MHZ,STV/40~2200MHZ
RF75ohm coaxial cable interface: TX port: Metric F / England F
RF output power:≥80dBuV(when input optical power is -6dBm)
Smooth of inside band:TV±1dB,STV±2dB


5 x 10/100 Ethernet ports + 1 x 1000 port & 1 CATV port ONU - Optical GEPON network Unit


ONU-5200-TV provides 5 x 10/100 Ethernet ports + 1 x 1000 port & 1 CATV port.


AN-E-ONU-5200-TV lays aside in the commercial building or the apartment to access the IP service, traditional access service and the digital special line service in the sole platform. Complete the management and disposition through the synthesis management system which are provided by MSC.

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