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  • Compatibility: AN-E-OLT-1000 is a mini-box-type equipment, only 1U height, can joint any E-ONU from AD-net.
  • Long-distance: It is up to 20kms, and can save the cost of web-room construction and maintenance for telecommunication dealer, as it is passive accessories.
  • High reliability: Recover after equipment regroups and the power interrupts unconventionally, the system can come back to normal work quickly as the storage scheme.
  • Web-grouping flexibility: The up interface of AN-E-OLT-1000 can supply 10/100/1000M self-adjustable TX, 1000M FX and different kinds of web-group structure, such as chain-type, star-type, tree-type.
  • Full QoS guarantee: Each PON supports up to 256 logic accesses, and single ONU can support many separate logic accesses. For good Qos, it can adopt AES-128 encryption for each access, and supports strong DBA, with powerful bandwidth sharing ability, flexible bandwidth management and increasing bandwidth using rate effectively; The double managing mode based on SLA and PRI can ensure the users’ mini bandwidth demand and low time-delay requirement for the PRI operation.
  • Great OAM characteristic: AN-E-OLT-1000 supports many operating and manageable telecom characteristics, such as ONU auto-detection, auto-registration, testing user connection, binding MAC address and filtration, IP address binding and filtration, bandwidth control, VLAN (based on two divisiory means of port and 802.1Q), flow control, port aggregation, port mirror and broadcast control.

Technical Parameters:

Standard Compliance : IEEE 802.3ah, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3z, IEEE 802.1d, IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 802.1q, IEEE 802.1x, RFC1155, RFC1157, RFC1112, RFC1113 & more;

back board exchange capacity:16G
adjustment capacity:1Kbps
supporting 4K VLAN based on802.1q, and even 8 K MAC addresses.

Physics feature
Physics dimension (L440 x W207 x H43, unit: mm)
frame:19inches,1U height
Power supply:-48V distributing DC(wave range is-40V~-57V)or 100V~240 V AC
Power consumption:15W

Operating temperature:0~50℃
Storage temperature:-30~60℃
Relative humidity:10~90% (no coagulation)

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Video: GEPON building blocks & topologies: PART 2


Fixed 1 port OLT, 1 UTP 10/100/100 port and 1 SFP sot for downlink


AN-E-OLT-1000,as a new generation of minitype GEPON equipment, is a kind of telecom FTTH bandwidth connecting equipment supplied for telecommunication dealer.Perfect integration, applied flexibility, high reliability, managing, free expansibility, group web and QoS guarantee are its features. AN-E-OLT-1000 integrates EPON system based on the IEEE802.3ah new standardthe fiber speed of upstream and downstream can be up to 1.25Gb/s. Each EPON system is available for max 1:32 WDM to transmit datas based on forming fiber web by fiber and 32 EPON long-distance ON equipments, with great capacity , excellent secrecy, web-grouping flexibility and saving the line resources and the quantity of end equipments.

AN-E-OLT-1000, mainly used for FTTH projectmake fiber to household come true, available for Iptelephone, bandwidth datas, operating IPTV, etc, also manage the performance, failure and deploy. It can be put in telecommunication office or  flat, building.

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