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  • 1 Gbps transmission rate
  • Network reach: 20 km
  • Transmitter power: 2.5dbm to 7 dbm 
  • Receiver sensitivity: <=-39dBm
  • Security: ONU authentication
  • Distance 20 km (see planning issues)
  • Max 64 ONUs support per PON expansion module
  • Supports 802.3 MPCP protocol;
  • Supports 802.3 OAM and expanded (slave port) protocol, have abundant OAM function design and offers long distance managment through OLT.
  • Double channel independent OLT;
  • Remote software upgrade supported
  • Data encryption service for downlink, secure data transtion security for end users
  • ONU authentication, averts illegal ONU access to network
  • DBA dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Single ONU multi LLID registration
  • IGMP proxy supported
  • ACL functions supported
  • QoS dunctions supported
  • 4K MAC adress with single channel OLT
  • VLAN’s devided by LLID
  • Loads of various statistic information
  • Hot swap possibility for cards

Operation Environment

Temperature: -5°C ~ 70°C
Humidity: 10% ~ 90%, non-condensing
Weight 1.5 kg

Video: GEPON building blocks & topologies: PART 2



2 PON uplink card, with 2 slots for AN-1000BASE-PX-20 modules. Each chassis can have up to 4 such cards, so full configuration of 8 ports are achieved


AN-OLT8000-2PON PON expansion card can be used as one of 4 available expansion slot module for AD-Net GEPON series modular OLT unit AN-E-OLT8000
AN-E-OLT8000 has 4 free slots for this module. Such scenarion, built by AD-net’s R&D group allows operator flexible pay as you grow approach for building the the new generation EPON/GEPON access networks with future oriented FTTx approach.
Start build the network with initial investment in AN-E-OLT8000, and add up to 8 PON uplinks in total – that’s the approach that offers the least CAPEX at starting network development phase.


In GEPON system, installed in OLT, this card is responsible for registering ONU’s, transfering Ethernet packets received from network in downlink to EPON optical signal over the ODN – Optical Distribution network down to ONU’s and vice versa.
Each PON card have 2 PON uplinks, each with a speed of 1.25G. Usually each PON have 32 ONU’s as max connected, but 1:64 splits are also possible with this card.

Core of PON modules are composed by highly integrated OLT chips and independent control modules,

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