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  • V.24 rate Nx64kbps(N=1~2optional arbitrarily
  • Universal – Framed/Unframed modes supported
  • Support local analog/digital loopback
  • Support remote loopback function
  • Provide pseudo-random code test function
  • V.24 interface uses DB25 standard connector
  • E1 interface supports framing and non-framing modes, with the occupied time slot selected arbitrarily
  • E1 interface balanced 120Ω/unbalanced 75Ω optional
  • AC 220V and DC –48V inputs may be selected for interface converters of both structures
  • For rack-mounted interface converter, dual power supply heat backup is provided to ensure a high operating reliability.

Protocol:  G.703, G.704, G.706, G.823, I.431 and V.35

E1 interface: 

Frame structure: framing/non-framing

Impedance: 75Ω, physical interface BNC; 120Ω, physical interface RJ45

Code: HDB3

Receiving electric level: 0~-43db

Sending high electric level: 2.37V ±10%75Ω; 3.00V ±10%120Ω

Sending low electric level: 0V ±0.1V

Transmission distance: 600m

Data port:

          Data port type: V.35/DCE

Rate: N*64Kbps (N =1~31

Physical interface: M34 (Female

Code: NRZ

Indicator lamps: To indicate the operating status of power supply, data and line interface.

Power supply: 

Stand alone: 85V~264V AC input, 5V/1A output

-36V~72V DC input, 5V/1A output

Other Specification:

Operation temperature: 0℃~50℃

Storage temperature: -20℃~80℃

Humidity: 5%~90% (no condensation)


Framed/Unframed E1 G.703/704 converter to V.24 protocol, 96 - 260 V/AC


Framed/Unframed E1 G.703/704 converter to V.24 protocol, 96 - 260 V/DC


AN-FE1-V.24 framing structure interface converter adopting ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) design. It is capable of converting N*64K continuous data flow into PCM signal of E1, with a rate up to 128Kbps. Mode of V.24 interface of this converter is DCE, it connects DTE device through direct cable, and connects DCE device through cross cable.