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  • High reliability, comply to ITU-T G.703
  • Single Fiber Bi-Directional is selectable
  • State-of-the-art design, ensure normal working under different environment.
  • Supports local and remote loop – back on electrical or optical interface for system diagnostic.
  • Suitable for PDH E3 interface interconnection.
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Compact design and low power consumption.
  • Simply to use & plug & play E3 fiber converter (E3 fiber modem)



Electrical Interface S tandard ITU-T G.703 Compliant
Data Rate 34.368 Mb ps
Line Code HDB3
Physical Connector BNC Coaxial
Optical Interface Bit rate 34.368 Mbps
Coding NRZ
Connector SC
Light source Laser Diode
Wave length 1310 nm (Typical), or 1550 nm (Optional) or Single Fiber Bi-Directional (Optional)
Transmit power -12 dBm (1310 nm ) / -5 dBm (1550 nm )
Receive sensitive -36 dBm (1310 nm ) / -38 dBm (1550 nm )
Power supply AC 220V Range 165 V to 265 V
DC -48V Range -36V to -72V
Power Consumption <3 W
Environment Working Temperature 0 50 C
Relative Humidity <90 % (Non condensing )
Dimension WxHxD(mm): 205 x 13 5 x 4 6

Application diagram:



E3/T3 fiber converter 110/220 V AC or 48 V DC, Single mode, 40 km


E3/T3 fiber converter 110/220 V AC or 48 V DC, Single mode, 60 km


E3/T3 fiber converter 110/220 V AC or 48 V DC, Single mode, 120 km


E3/T3 fiber converter 110/220 V AC or 48 V DC, Multi mode, 2 km


E3/T3 fiber converter 110/220 VAC or 48 VDC, WDM(BiDi), 20km


AN-E3 E3 fiber converter (E3 fiber modem) can be used to provide 34.36 (E3) signal conversion between electrical interface and optical interface of E3  based network interface. It conforms to the ITU- T G.703 T3 recommendation.  The converter features compactness, light weight, low power consumption and high reliability.

The 34M E3 fiber converter optical / electrical operates on 1310 nm lasers, with a typical transmission distance of 40 km over single mode optical fibers. For longer hops, 1550 nm lasers can be selected for 100 km and more distances. WDM single fiber single strand also is available on request.

Exterior power supply, all the functional blocks are integrated on a single PC board, which makes the converter compact and reliable. 220 V AC or – 48 V DC power options are available by selecting an appropriate plug-in power unit.

AN-E3 electrical interfaces are BNC sockets, “IN” is incoming E3 electrical signal and “OUT” is outgoing E3 electrical signal. The optical interfaces are SC type sockets using receive and transmit integral whole mold piece.

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