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  • E1 G.703/G.704 to POTS FXS/FXO conversion;
  • Provides two clock types: E1 master clock, E1 line clock
  • Provides 2 kinds of loop-return function, namely E1 self-looping at local end,
    ordered self-loop at remote end;
  • Realize the automatically rate set of local device to remote device
  • Has the function of pseudo-random code testing, convenient for opening of the circuit,and can be used as an error code instrument;
    realizes long-distance monitoring of local device to the remote device based on self-copyright IC;
  • E1 supports 75 Ohm unbalanced and 120Ohm balanced impedance at the same time;
  • Provides 30 voice channels, support calling number indication, DDI and other features;
  • Voice port supports O port and S port, O port connects switch and S port connects user’s phone;

E1 interface
Interface standard: Conforms to G.703 standard
Interface rate: N×64Kbps, N:1~31
Code: HDB3
Interface impedance: 75A (unbalanced), 120A (balanced)
Connecter: BNC (75 A), RJ45 (120 A)
Vibration characteristic: Satisfies G.742 and G.823 standard
Clock type: internal-clock, line clock

FXS phone port
Ring voltage:75V
Ring frequency:25HZ
Two line input impedance:600A(hanging off)
Wastage:40 db

FXO switch port
Ring test voltage:35V
Ring test frequency:17HZ-60HZ
Two line input impedance:600A(hanging-off)
Wastage:40 db

Operating temperature: -25 C~+70 C
Storage temperature: -40 C~+80 C
Relative temperature:95% (uncondensed)

Power supply
option I – DC-48V,range DC-36V~DC-72C
option II – AC220V,range AC165V~AC265V




Basic configuration: PCB panel+1*E1(support BNC 75ohm and RJ45 120ohm),DC-48V built-in

(FXO-1 additional FXO channel; FXS-1 additional FXS channel; Ethernet-Ethernet channel; RS-232-RS-232 channel; V35-V.35 channel)


AN-E1-MUXlite provides conversion between ITU-T G.703 standard E1 framed interface and up to 30 FXS/FXO standard POTS analogue telephone lines.