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  • Standard STM-1 optical ports,1+1 protection supported, dual or single fiber WDM transmission ,different wavelengths and powers can be selected.
  • Standard SDH mapping of various service interfaces;
  • Ethernet mapping adopts GFP/VC-12 virtual concatenated technology according with MSTP criterios;
  • Comply with ITU-T G .703;
  • E1 port has on-line error surveillance and loopbacktest function;
  • Q3 or SNMP(10Base-T),RS-485 interface;
  • Standard 19 inch 1 unit box;
  • -48V DC or 220V AC or +24V DC power supply
  • Supply invalidation and loss indication,remote AC220V power loss indication for
  • Terminal equipment as a plus;
  • Substrate program on-line update supported.

SDH signal interface:
Bit rate: 155520kbit/s (STM-1,G.957, framing G.707)
Line code: Scrambled NRZ
Optic ports:1 or 2 optic ports selected

V35 port
Comply with ITU-T V.35/V.36, DCE mode,DTE mode,N ×64kbps (1 £ N £ 32)

Ethernet data port
Two 100Base-Tx Ethernet ports.
Comply with IEEE 802.3 related suggestions.
10M/100M auto-adapted
The channel rate of Ethernet can be adjusted among 2M to 100M, and the rate can be decided by setting the quantity of VC12(1~46).
Half duplex/full duplex auto-adapted
HP auto-MDIX,MDI and MDI-X auto-adapted,connector:RJ45 socket

E1 port
Comply with ITU-T G.703.Bit rate:2048kbit/s ±50ppm,code:HDB3, 75ohm or 120ohm

Application scenario:



AN-MINISDH-V is a compact SDH TM with STM-1 interface. It can connect with any standard STM-1 optical port , connect to the backbone network directly and build point to point network. 4 E1s,2 V.35 ports and 100Base-T Ethernet service can be supplied. We provide several concrete types of AN-miniSDH-V, so you can select the best one according to you requests.


AN-MINISDH-V can work as terminal equipment either in the point to point network or in other complicated network topologies inter-working with other MSPP Express products. It is mainly used in access layer network to supply various services such as STM-1,E1,V.35, Ethernet.(Fig 2-1)Typical applications include big client access,3G mobile station connection and etc.. Together with other MSPP Express products, AN-MINISDH-V can provide flexible network building and access capability. In addition, it can independently apply in various special transport networks with mezzo portfolio.