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  • Standard STM-1 portsingle fiber transmission ,different wavelengths and launched powers supported 
  • Provide ALS function for optical interface
  • Standard SDH mapping of various service interfaces
  • Ethernet mapping adopts GFP/VC-12 virtual concatenated technology; according with MSTP criterion
  • Comply with ITU-T  G .703;E1 port has on-line error surveillance and loop-back test function
  • NM10Base-T,RS-485 software management interface
  • Standard 19 inch 1 unit box
  • -48V DC or 220V AC or +24V DC power supply
  • Supply invalidation and loss indicationremote AC220V power loss indication for terminal equipment as a plus
  • Substrate program on-line update supported.

SDH signal interface:
Bit rate: 155520kbit/s (STM-1,G.957, framing G.707)
Line code: Scrambled NRZ
Optic ports:1 or 2 optic ports selected

V35 port
Comply with ITU-T V.35/V.36, DCE mode,DTE mode,N ×64kbps (1 £ N £ 32)

Ethernet data port
Two 100Base-Tx Ethernet ports.
Comply with IEEE 802.3 related suggestions.
10M/100M auto-adapted
The channel rate of Ethernet can be adjusted among 2M to 100M, and the rate can be decided by setting the quantity of VC12(1~46).
Half duplex/full duplex auto-adapted
HP auto-MDIX,MDI and MDI-X auto-adapted,connector:RJ45 socket

E1 port
Comply with ITU-T G.703.Bit rate:2048kbit/s ±50ppm,code:HDB3, 75ohm or 120ohm






SDH multiservice access platform, 16 E1 75/120 ohm, Ethernet 10/100 or V.35, SDH STM-1 SM up to 120 km


AN-miniSDH-V is based on SDH/MSTP technology. It is aimed at providing traditional TDM service and data access, assembling, switching and management functions.AN-MINISDH-C can be applied in metro access network and various special networks with the fusion of voice and data service as a trend.


AN-MINISDH-C is a compact SDH TM (Terminal Multiplexer) with STM-1 interface. It can connect with any standard STM-1 optical port , connect to the backbone network directly and build point to point network. It provides 16 fixed E1 port and one universal slot. For the slot you can choose various card such as E1 card,V.35 card and Ethernet card according to different requests.