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  • Advanced Security
  • Comprehensive ACL access control policies
  • User MAC address based ACL list definition
  • IP protocol (TCP/UDP) based ACL
  • TCP port number based ACL
  • UDP port number based and time based ACL
  • Can identify legal service terminals with bounded VLAN-IP-MAC
  • Supports user access control protocol 802.1x
  • Provides more efficient user port control than the traditional method
  • Port MAC address limitation function can control the host number accessing the specified port;
  • Supports PVLAN
  • Offers strict port segregation within 802.1Q VLAN
  • Patented CPU protection technique checks and filters the data sent to the CPU to avoid malicous attacks
  • Several authentications for protocols such as RIP, OSPF, etc


  • Flexible QOS
  • Supports intelligent QoS to meet the high quality demand for voice, video and other real-time multimedia services
  • Priority based on IEEE802.1P tagged information and quintuple flow classification service
  •  Supports flow-based multilayer CoS and ToS to meet the demand of real-time multimedia service such as ideo conference; Self-defined multilayer flow classification rules, with 1024 flow rules supported in one device
  • 8 priority queues supported per port, with congestion prevention and flow-shaping


  • Comprehensive routing protocol support
  • Supports a rich set of routing technology which covers almost all the current existing routing technologies
  • Supports unicast routing protocols: RIP V1, RIP V2, OSPF, BGP, static routing
  • Supports multicast routing protocols: IGMP, PIM-SM
  • Supports redundancy backup protocol: VRRP
  • Convenient Maintenance and Control
  • Supports NM methods such as SNMP, CLI, RMON, TELNET, WEB; Supports BOOTP,TFTP and FTP
Port Number 24 10/100/1000Base-T interfaces; 4 Gigabit SFP COMBO
Switching Capacity 48G
Packet Forward Capability >35.7Mpps
Power Consumption <70W
Basic Performance
MAC Address Table 32K
Routing Table Entries 8K
Buffer Capacity Shared 32M
Forwarding Mode Store-and-forward
Network and Flow Control
VLAN 802.1Q 4k
QoS 8 priority queues per port; flow shaping and rich scheduling methods
Queue Dispatching Methods WRR, SP, WRR+ SP
Port Convergence FE, GE port convergence; maximum 32 groups with 8 ports per group
Routing protocols
Unicast Static Routing, RIP V1/V2, OSPF V2,
Multicast IGMP, PIM-SM,
Policy Routing Yes
Num of Routing Interfaces 512
Security Feature
802.1X Yes
Web portal Yes
MAC address limitation Yes
Broadcast Strom Suppression Yes
CPU Protection Yes
Port Speed Limitation 8K granularity
Management Features
RMON 1,2,3,9
Dimension (L*W *H) 443mm×360mm×44.5mm 443mm×280mm×66.7mm
Working Environment 0~40℃ 10~90% non-condensing
Weight <6.5Kg

24 ports Gigabit TX interfaces, 4 Port Gigabit SFP slots


With large capacity and high performance switching, it also features  advanced security. It is the premium option for the convergence layer access control of small or middle-sized MAN, or the access switch for enterprise users.

Nowdays, when tetwork faces all kinds of security threats, secret leakage and attacks, The AN-L3-S5024TF security

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