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  • 15.2 Gbps switching capacity;
  • All ports support wire speed forwarding;
  • 15.2 Gbps switching capacity;
  • 6.6 Mpps Layer 2/3 wire-speed forwarding.
  • Support for flexible queue scheduling algorithms, i.e. Strict Priority (SP), Weighted Round Robin (WRR), and SP+WRR; 8 priority queues.
  • Support for intelligent Layer 2-7 flow classification;
  • Support for IEEE 802.1p, TOS,and DiffServ Code Point.
  • Compliance with IEEE 802.1x and Web portal, the STCS3526F can identify users who attempt to access the  network.
  • It can also prevent unauthorized access to the network by binding any combination of MAC,IP,VLAN  and PORT
  • Intelligent anti-virus policies and optimizing routing policy can guard the network to against the attack by Code Red and Worm Blaster,with which greatly improve the security of your network.
  • supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • supports Command Line`
Feature Description AN-L3-3526F
Ports 24 ports 10/100Base-Tx or FX
Slots/Uplinks 2 Gigabit TX uplinks
Capacity Backplane Bandwidth 15G
Switching Capacity 8.8Mpps
Packet Forwarding Rate 6.6 Mpps
MAC Table 8K
VLAN Table 255
Packet Buffer sharing 32MB
Port-based ARL Limit Port Learning Forbidden When The Limit Is Exceeded Yes
VLAN Port-based VLAN 255
IEEE 802.1q VLAN 255
SuperVLAN & Sub-VLAN Yes
Port Aggregation Trunk 6 trunks, 8 ports in each trunk
Mirror Yes
IGMP Snooping Yes
IP/MAC/Port Binding Arbitrary Binding of IP/MAC/Port Yes
DHCP Relay Yes
Server Yes
Rate Limiting Port- or VLAN-based Rate Limiting Yes
ACL Up to 1K rules
IEEE 802.1p Yes
Queue Management WRR Yes
SP Yes
Hybrid (WRR+SP) Yes
Routing Interface VLAN Configurable with IP Address 32
DiffServ Yes
Power Consumption <30W
Static Route Yes
RIPv1/v2 Yes
OSPFv2 Yes
Policy-based Routing Yes
Trace Route Yes
SNMP Trap Yes
NMS IP or IP Subnet-based Telnet Access Control Yes
IP or IP Subnet-based SNMP Access Control Yes
Power Supply( 90 – 264VAC 47- 63Hz,44 – 53VDC ) Yes
Dimensions (W*D*H) 443mm×360mm×44.5mm
Temperature Operating temperature:0-50℃
Storage temperature:-40~70℃
Humidity 10%-90% noncondensing
Power AC 110- 240V

24 Port modular Layer 3 Routing Switch


The AN-L3-3526F is a layer 3 routing switch that offers modular configuration. There are 6 modules that can be installed into the main frame. Each module includes 4 ports, either copper or fiber ports. So the AN-L3-3526F can be configured as whatever you might like to. E.g, configure it as a 24 port 10/100Base-Tx,
or configure it as a 24 port pure fiber switch. Or to configure in a fiber and copper mixed version, e.g,
a 12 port 10/100Base-Tx + 12 port 10/100Base-Fx fiber and copper switch.

The AN-L3-3526Fis a secure and intelligent Layer 3 switch featuring wire-speed switching.It adopts an industry grade case design, and it’s a layer 2/3 wire speed enterprise central routing switch with 10/100M aggregation for Carrier data centers, server farms, wiring closets and metropolitan area networks.

Its hardware is designed to support intelligent Layer 2/3/4 flow classification.
The main features of the 24 port layer 3 routing switch, such as access control list (ACL), filtering and QoS classification bring intelligence and security to the edge of the networks and enable applications such as real-time streaming multimedia.

It supports a wide range of Layer 2/3/4 protocols including RIPv1/v2, OSPFv2 and PIM-SM, VRRP. It’s regarded as the foremost intellectual access point of area network,not only have switching and routing functions but also includes authenticating function (e.g. user access control), secure protection (e.g. defends the virus and scanning) function, monitoring function etc. It is an ideal choice of solving a great deal of awkward problems.

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