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  • Extends the range of V.35 interface 2Mbps data transmission up to 4Km
  • Supports all industry standards, and made especially to work with other third party vendors TDM equipment, what supports G.SHDSL standard
  • Monitoring, control and diagnostics of local and remote units are made by Network Management System
  • Perfomance monitoring available on console management
  • Robust, error free transmission algorithm used
  • Remote and local loopbacks for testing purposes
  • Industries probably most effiecient TC PAM-16 line coding for effective twisted pair usage and high distances
Line Interface User Interface
Standards: ITU_T G.991.2 G.994.1
Line: 2-Line
Data Rate:64K~2048Kbps
Line Coding: TC 16-PAM
Approximate range:4Km (test in 0.4 mm ,
E1: 2048Kbps,both 75 and 120Ω
V.35 DTE: 64~2048Kbps
10/100Base-T: 10/100 Mbps


L*W*H:175×44×200 mm
Power:-48VDC(80mA)or 220VAC(20mA)

Standalone G.SHDSL Modem with V.35 interface, 220 V AC or 48 VDC for option


AN-GSHDSL-v.35 modems use TC PAM-16 line coding, equalization, adaptive filtering and echo cancellation to compensate for line impairments, bridge taps and mixed cabling. This provides immunity to background noise and enables transmission of multiple SHDSL lines on the same physical cable. AN-GSHDSL-V.35 can be managed via VT-100 compatible Asynchronous Terminal Interface.
AN-GSHDSL-V.35 is equipped with an adaptive auto rate capability that identifies the maximum line rate supported by the copper loop.

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