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  • High quality cold rolled steel body,electrostatic spraying with water proof powder
  • High quality water proof lock,wall mounted cabinet
  • Operating temperature:-30°C~+55°C,storage temperature: -40°C~+60°C
  • With access to 2 pcs of 12 cores fiber optic cables and up to 32 pcs of customer cables
  • Suitable for multi fiber optic cable access as well
  • Suitable for 36 pcs of SC,FC,ST adapters, easy to installation and maintenance
  • Support branch connection styles



Dimenstion (mm)


Cable diameter (mm)


Cable ports

2 holes

Max capacity of splice tray

24 (single fiber)

Max quantity of splice tray


Max capacity of main backbone cable

12 (single fiber)


AN-FDB-0132B is specially designed, and optimized for GEPON or other PON networks design fiber optical distribution, termination and splice box. You get all in one solution for PON from AD-net. As you can see, box has 2 sides – 1 side is optical splice tray + passive optical termination, and another side is distribution box to flats, houses – user side! One side is used for splicing the cable coming from OLT, another side – cables coming from flats, houses etc. You can choose the set with any spliiter, like 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16 or even 1:32 etc, depending on a model. 1:N or 2:N splitting versions are also available upon request.

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