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  • Meets fast Ethernet standard of IEEE802.3 10BASE-T  Ethernet and IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX
  • Support all protocol in public, eg: TCP/IP, IPX, XNS, Appletalk, Vines, DECnet, ARP, DECLAT and Lansoft etc.
  • 8 10/100Mbps self-adaptive ports
  • High speed cascade connection port used to link higher layer Switch or other device
  • The dynamic buffering equipped by equalizing network load and to prevent the f blockage from losing
  • All ports possess self-adaptive and full /half-duplex ability
  • The face plate indicator lights keep watch on the work state, hence overall SmartWatch function can simplified the solving of malfunction
  • Choose fast storage, transmit and directness transmit mode automatically in order to reduce the delay
  • Filter broadcasting storm
  • Line speed is filtrate / transmit
  • The dynamic bandwidth equipoise
  • Automatic MAC address learning function
  • The entire compatibility standard of Ethernet application

Network standards:
IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T
IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX
IEEE 802.3 x

Network protocol:CSMA/CD

Data transmit speed :Ethernet: 10Mbps(half-duplex) 20Mbps(full duplex)

Fast Ethernet: 100Mbps(half-duplex) 200Mbps(full duplex)
Topology: Star
Line type: 10BASE-T: unshielded twist pair (UTP) 3,4,5 (max length:100 m)
EIA/TIA-568 100 ohm screens twisted pair (STP) (max length:100 m)

100BASE-TX: Not screen the twisted pair (UTP) 5 (max length:100 m)

Port:  8 10/100Mbps auto-negotiate ports, Uplink port and port 8 share one port
Input voltage: 5V DC1A outside general power
Power consumption: 5W
The work temperature: 0–50 degrees
The storage temperature:- 25–+55 degrees
Environment humidity:5 %-90% non-condensing
Size:171mm x 98 mm x 27.8mm
table mini type

Performance indexes:
Swap mode: storage transmit and end to end

Buffering: 1M
Address table filtrate: 1K/ port
Transmit/ filtered rate: line speed, 148,800 bps ( 100Mbps ) per port

MAC address table: Self-study, self-refresh
MAC address aging time: 10 – 1000000 seconds (default 300)


8 ports fast Ethernet Switch


  • 8 RJ-45 port of10/100Mbps self-adaptive (Uplink port and port 8 share a port or Auto MDI/MDIX)
  • The self-diagnostic function can obviate network mal-function
  • Providing desktop and frame type install
  • Provide the maximum bandwidth to 1.6Gbps, 100% transmit data rate
  • Support VLAN’s

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