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  • Completely digital fiber transmit platform;
  • No need to configuration or any adjusting during the instalation, user friendly design;
  • Based on self copyright IC;
  • No interference between analog in adjusting channel, picture and range;
  • 4 steps filtering;
  • Completely digital, broadcast transmition efficiently managed by specific IC;
  • High speed 10/100M Ethernet channel;
  • Full speed asynchronous date channel;
  • Flexible configuration on the same platform;
  • Power supply, link, video by dynamic indication;
  • Self-adapt in PAL, NTSC, SECAM standards;
  • ASIC based design;
  • transmit distance: up to 100KM
  • Power supply:220v,-48v,+24, +12v,+5(optional), any specific on reuqest;
  • SNMP management;
  • Three installation types: wall method, rack in 19inches 1U, or plug in-card.

Video interface:

Input/output impedance: BNC 75 unbalance interface
Input/output voltage: peak 1 vpp, max 1.5 Vpp
Video bandwidth: 8MHZ
Video number wide: 8/10/12 bit
Differential gain: <1%
Differential phase: <0.6°
Slope: <0.5%
Luminance delay inequality: 10ns
Luminance gain gap: ±10%
Weighted noise ratio :66db

Date interface (can support 1~4 line asynchronous date RS-232/485/422)

Physical interface: industry standard terminal lead
Full duplex/half duplex
Interface type: RS-232/485/422 Manchester
RS232 rate 0-115.2Kbps
RS-422/485 rate: 0-115.2Kbps
RS-422/485 transmit distance: 0-1200m
RS-422/485 agreement support RS-485/422 agreement
Error rate: <10-9
Fiber interface
Physical interface: FC/PC/ST/PC
Fiber type: single/multi module
Transmit distance: multimode up to 2 km, single mode up to 100 km, WDM available

Audio interface:
supports 1 line optional and bidirectional audioAudio input/output: impedance 600 ohm balance/unbalance interface, industry standard terminal lead.
Audio input/output level :2Vp-p
Frequency response :10HZ-20KHZ
Audio channel width: 24 bit
Weighted noise ratio: 80db
Total Harmonic Distortion :0.1%

Ethernet interface
Physical interface: shielding RJ-45
support IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.1q VLAN
IEEE 802.3x full duplex and Back-Pressure half duplex flow control.

Working environment

Work temperature: -30~+75
storage temperature: -45~+85
humidity : 95% without condensation
input voltage :220~-48V, +24V, +12, +5V optional
power: 5W (single terminal)
size : 482.6X 260X 25.4mm


Digital Video complete product series

first number (1)

number of channels of positive broadcast video signal

second number( 0 )

number of channels of positive high-fidelity audio

third number( 1)

number of channels of asynchronous date

forth number (1)

number of channels of Ethernet

fifth number( 0)

number of telephone channels

first letter

Z means positive video ,F means passive video, D means bidirectional video

second letter

Z means positive audio ,F means passive audio, D means bidirectional audio

third letter

Z means positive asynchronous date, F means passive asynchronous data, D means bidirectional asynchronous data

fourth letter

S means single mode 1310nm
M means multi mode 1300 (850) nm
W means1310nm/1550nm WDM

fifth letter:

T means transmitter, R means receiver


AN-DV8000 series supports any high resolution dynamic or stationary picture high-fidelity transmit. It also can be anti-disturbance against several signals, environment, and work stably. It is widely used in security monitoring and control, high way, electronical policy management, automation control, intelligent residential districts and so on.

It can work shortly after it is installed. You could select any date interface by set. It is connected easily and it can indicate power supply, link, video, also adjust video. There are three way installation kits available: desktop and rack mount;


It can be used in varios ways, for example:

  • Intelligent transportation system;
  • High speed way video monitoring and control system;
  • Toll monitoring and control system;
  • Close circuit TV industry monitoring and control;
  • TV program switching channel transmit;
  • High-fidelity video conference system;
  • Security monitoring and control system.

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