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  • Support 2U Rack (16 Slots) and independent use as standalone unit
  • Support 10Gbase-SR/LR/ER/ZR/LRM to 10Gbase
  • Support network management (Web SNMP, Console)
  • Support in-band management
  • Support ITUT prescribed DWDM/CWDM wavelength
  • Transmission rate: 8.5~11.7 G
  • 3R function.
  • Support Jumbo Frame
  • Transparent Transport and very low delay
  • Support DMI function for SFP fiber module
  • Support Loopback test function
  • Support PRBS Generator and checker
  • Support hot plugging
  • Full State Led display
  • Easy installation

8.5~11.7 G Optical-Electrical-Optical Media Converter (3R Repeater)

8.5~11.7 G Optical-Electrical-Optical Media Converter (3R Repeater)


8.5~11.7G Optical-Electrical-Optical Converter (3R Repeater), A Type: SFP+ To/From SFP+


8.5~11.7G Optical-Electrical-Optical Converter (3R Repeater), B Type: SFP+ To/From XFP


8.5~11.7G Optical-Electrical-Optical Converter (3R Repeater), C Type: XFP To/From XFP


AN-M10-11.7G-XX-M is 8.5~11.7 G Optical-Electrical-Optical Media converter Converter (3R Repeater) which supports ONET OC192,SDH STM-64,10G WAN,10G LAN, ONT OTU-2,10G LAN witch 255/237 FEC coding, 8.5G/10G Fiber Channel,10G POS

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