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  • Base on IC of independence intellectual property rights.
  • 19′ rack mount modular design
  • Can control the remote alarm status (Network management function)
  • E1 according to G.703, adopts full digital clock recovery and smooth phase lock technology;
  • Ethernet is 10M/100Mfull/half duplex adaptive, support VLAN(optional)
  • Ethernet support Auto-MDIX
  • 1-360 channels phone, support call indication
  • Support each site puts the number to each other;
  • Audio ports support FXO and FXSFXO connected with switchesFXS with users’ phone
  • Can distinguish the opposite device is shut down or fiber not connected well when testing lost optical signal (Network management function)
  • User can be notified of the temperature and voltage of the local device (Network management function)
  • User can be notified of the temperature and voltage of the remote device , and can set the alarm threshold of the remote devices temperature;(Network management function)
  • Power supplyAC220VDC-48V/DC24V etc;
  • More than 0~120km no relay transmission distance;

Fiber Interface

Wavelength: Single mode 1310nm/1550nm
Multiple mode 850nm/1310nm (optional)
Fiber core NO.: Double core or single core for option(optional)
Sending consumption: -9dBm/-5dBm
Transmitting range: 0-50km/120km(optional)
Receiving sensitivity: ≤-36dBm (BER<10-11)
Optical code: scrambling NRZ code
Connector: SC/FC/ST (optional)

E1 interface

Standard: conforms to G.703 standard.
Coding: HDB3
Interface rate: 2.048Mbps±50ppm
Impedance: 75Ω (unbalanced)/120Ω(balanced)
Connector: BNC
Jitter Performance: according to G.742 and G.823
Allowed attenuation:0~6dBm


A~D: 16*RJ45 porteach RJ45 offer 2 channel voicethe 16th  RJ45 port is for reserved.
H: DC-48V input power on the real panel of chassis
E: -48V to 5V power converter
F: USB port for upgrade
I: FXO/S voice module

FXO Exchange Port
Ring detecting voltage:       35V
Ring detecting frequency:     17HZ-60HZ
2 line input impedance:       600Ω (hanging off)
Wastage:                   40db

Magnet call phone port
Ring detecting voltage 90V
2 line input impedance 600Ωhanging off
Wastage            40 dB
Balance degree       70 dB


Power supply
DC power supplyDC-48Verror range -36V~-72V
DC power supplyDC-24Verror range -18V~-36V
AC power supplyAC220V±20%50HZ

Operation Condition
Operating temperature                    0°C~50°C
Storing temperature                -40°C~+70°C
Relative humidity:                 95 %
Without disturbance of erosive and solvent gas, raising dust or strong magnetic field.

Power consumption
Machine power consumption        ≤55W


Application scenario:






Modular up to 360 voice over fiber, 1 - 4 E1's, 1 - 4 Ethernet multiplexer


AN-FM-700 Voice (phones) over Fiber multiplexer is a kind of point-to-point fiber transmission  multiplexer that developed based on special large scale integrated circuits. It is with perfect alarm function and a phone convergence card.It can use 12 piece of 30 channels phones business card simultaneously in the Machine frame.360 channels phones (optional),1~4 E1 and  1~4 100M linear Ethernet ports (optional).it Provide back up power which make sure complete working function, high integration, low consumption, stable performance and convenient usage.

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