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  • Supports 2 x 10/100/1000 Base-T 1.25 G and 1 x 2.5G SFP module
  • Flow control for full duplex and half duplex.
  • Supports up to 10k byte JUMBO frame.
  • Suppots Fiber Port Trunking, Increasing Fiber Channel Bandwidth and Supply Fiber Channel Redundancy.
  • Supports Ports Based VLANS and TAG Based VLANS.
  • In conformity to safety code of FCC and CE MARK, ROHS compliant
  • all SFP brands are supported;
  • Supports Jumbo Frames, MPLS packed size, brand new chipset is used
  • Supporting hot-swap of SFP modules

Standards: IEEE 802.3AB 1000Base-T

lFiber Cable:
Multi-mode: 50/12562.5/125µm
Single-mode: 9/125µm.

Data Transfer Rate:
2.5Gbps for SFP1, 1Gbps for SFP2 and SFP3.

LED Indicators:
Power, P1 2.5G, P1 Link/Act, P2 Link/Act,P3 Link/Act,

Power Requirement: 220V(110-245V)AC50Hz
Ambient Temperature: 0 50
Humidity: 5% 90%
Dimensions: 26×70×93mmH×W×D

LED Description

There are five LED At Front of unit:

2.5G Lit when SFP1 speed is 2.5Gbps
P1 Lit when SFP1 connection is good.

Blinks when SFP1 data is transmitting.

P2 Lit when SFP2 connection is good.

Blinks when SFP1 data is transmitting.

P3 Lit when SFP3 connection is good.

Blinks when SFP3 data is transmitting.

PWR Lit when +5V power is coming up.

Installation steps:

1. Attach one 2.5G SFP module to SFP1 Cage on the unit. Attach two 1.25G SFP modules to SFP2 and SFP3 Cage on the unit.

2. Link fiber from the SFP1 on one Multiplexer with SFP1 on another converter. It can link through CWDM system.

3. Link fiber from the SFP2 and SFP3 on the converter to Gigabit Ethernet Service.

Note: SFP2 on one converter link pass only with SFP2 on another converter . SFP3 on one converter link pass only with SFP3 on another converter.

4. Connect the power cord to the Multiplexer and check that the Power LED lights up. The Px  LEDs will light when all the cable connections satisfactory.

Application scenario 1



Application 2:



2 x 1.25G to 1 x 2.5G SFP slot type media converter/aggregator/multiplexer.


2 x 1.25 SFP slot to 2.5 G SFP slot 2 port Gigabit Ethernet into 1 port 2.5G uplink, reducing the conversion CAPEX and increasing the fiber utilization effectively. The multiplexer can be used either in point-to-point topology fuctioning as a media converter for transporting two Gigabit Ethernet services over one fiber or in CWDM system working as a wavelength converter for extending the system’s transmits- sion capacity doubly. The multiplexer is equipped with three SFP-based ports: SFP1 is 2.5G uplink port, SFP2 and SFP3 are Gigabit Ethernet service ports.The multiplexer must be used in couples.

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