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  • Support ONUs communicate under the same PON port
  • Support 802.3 MPCP protocol
  • Support 802.3 OAM and expand protocal(slave port), have abundant OAM function design, offer long-distance management through OLT
  • Have double-channal independent OLT
  • Support long-distance update for software
  • High integration level and integration management, and have the function of double layer exchange
  • Support data encrypt service in downlink, secure the data transition security for users
  • Support ONU authentication, avert illegal ONU accesss to network
  • Support DBA dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Support IGMP Proxy

PON Interface

  • 1Gbps transmission rate
  • Network reach: 20 km
  • Transmitter power: 2.5dbm to 7 dbm
  • Receiver sensitivity: <=-39dBm
  • Security: ONU authentication


  • IEEE 802.3ah
  • MII GEPON standards
  • IEEE 802.1p 802.1Q 802.1d 802.1w
  • IEEE 802.3ad

Ethernet Service

  • MAC learning and banding
  • DBA
  • Qualities of Service
  • Rate control
  • ACL
  • Broadcast limit
  • Encryption
  • Layer 2 isolation
  • IGMP multicast

Operation Environment

  • Temperature: -5°C ~ 70°C
  • Humidity: 10% ~ 90%, non-condensing
  • Size: 441mm*192mm*43mm
  • Weight: 3 kg


  • -48V DC
  • 120~240V AC, broaden compliant
  • DC and AC concurrency for protection

Video: GEPON products & Applications: PART 1

Apllication scenario:

Useful Info: Initial configuration of 2 port OLT in bridge mode between ONU’s


Fixed 2 port OLT, 1 UTP 10/100/100 port and 2 SFP slot for downlink, advanced Layer 2 features, EMS GUI manager


1 port PON transceiver module PX-20 (minimum 1 per each OLT, maximum – 2). Distance 20 km


AN-OLT-2000 is a best choice for small PON access nodes design where only 1 or 2 ports PON uplink is needed, but still plenty of features and GUI NMS are needed. This OLT uses SFP type PON uplink modules, and you can plug in or 1 or 2, so it can be used as 1 or 2 port OLT.


AN-OLT2000 is the Central Office mainfram box platform of GEPON series products which is researched and developed by our company. It is able to provide a variety of integrated services access, such as broadband, voice, IPTV, CATV. It includes 2 independent fiber terminals (OLT) unit and 2 SFP GE uplink port, 1 console port, 1 Of-band management port, 1 RS485 port.


All the GEPON series products of our company are using passive optical network (PON) technologies, which is better than traditional access products in cost performance, maintenance, expansibility and etc. In GEPON system, as the OLT unit, PON port is responsible for the register of ONU, transfers the Ethernet message received from network in the downlink to EPON optical signal, and sent it to ONU by passive network. In up link, it receives EPON optical signal sent by ONU and transfer it to ethernet message then send to swich core equipment. It includes 2 PON port of 1.25G; usually each PON port can access 32 or 64 pieces of ONU equipment in the transmission distance of 20kms or 10 km (in case of 64 ONU’s). The equipment is composed by high integrated OLT chips and independent control modules, offering reliable assurance for users in functions and performance.

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