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  • Provide 1-16 E1 channels interface transparently, confirming to ITU-G.703.
  • High transmit efficiency, low transmit delay.
  • Provide 16*E1 channels and 2*10/100Base-TX and 1*100Base-X interface.
  • The length of Ethernet packet can be set, supporting huge packet.
  • User can select IP protocol encapsulation or simplicity Ethernet type.
  • Support VLAN setting.
  • Support Ethernet ping function.
  • Support package loss indicator function for E1 transmission line.
  • Local and remote E1 loop and local E1 enable function.
  • Point to point or point to multi-points connections, satisfying different applications.
  • High efficiency transmission, up to 90% bandwidth utility ratio.
  • Support two type interfaces-75Ω and 120Ω-unneed setting.
  • 10/100M Ethernet, full/half duplex auto-adapt, support auto-MDIX.
  • When selecting network adaptation clock, it can resume the original clock accurately through TDM clock resumption mechanism, stable clock, little jitter and small excursion, conforming to ITU-T clock jitter and excursion standard.
  • The device Support WEB management platform, online software upgrades, the host side can manage the work of each state machine equipment;

Ethernet interface(10/100M)

Interface rate:                       10/100 Mbps, half/full duplex auto-negotiation

Interface Standard:             Compatible with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

MAC Address Capability:    4096

Connector:                              RJ45, support Auto-MDIX

E1 Interface

Standard:                                   conform to G.703 standard

Code rate:                                  2.048Mbit/s±50ppm

Code type:                                  HDB3

Impendence:                             75Ω(unbalance)/ 120(balance)

Connector:                                 BNC(unbalance)/ RJ45(balance)

Jitter tolerance:                        conform to G.742 and G.823

Working environment

Working temperature:            -10°C ~ 50°C

Working Humidity:                 5%~95 % (no condensation)

Storage temperature:              -40°C ~ 80°C

Storage Humidity:                    5%~95 % (no condensation)

Model AN-TDM-IP-16E1-C
Functional Description 16*E1 over Ethernet, Internal power AC220V/DC48V can be optional

Power supply: AC100V ~ 260V; DC –48V;

Power consumption: ≤10W

Dimension 485X135X44.5mm(WXDXH)
Weight 2.3KG


16 x E1 over IP | TDM over IP | Low Delay Transmission Converter / Multiplexer, ordering options RJ-48/BNC for E1, 48VDC or AC 110-220 power options


AN-TDM-IP-16E1-C is mainly used to transmit E1 signal over IP network. It has 16*E1 interface, 2 UTP Ethernet port and 1*fiber Ethernet port. AN-TDM-IP-16E1-C can connect TDM device and user’s low cost wireless or lineate Ethernet/IP configuration, without affecting the voice quantity. assures connecting to physical E1 interface of any device seamlessly, such as PBX, mobile base station, SS7 signaling device and voice mail system. It can be used in the communication system based on E1, such as LAN, WAN, MAN and wireless network.

Providing emulation E1 channel through Ethernet, the difficulty is rebuilding timing information of E1 code stream effectively at the exit of network. The special disadvantages of Ethernet itself, such as random packet delay, without effective timing transmit mechanism, transmission error or collision that brings on packet lose, must be conquered. Our company resolves the difficulties above faultlessly through availing ourselves of technical advantage and adapting advanced clock disposal technology. AN-TDM-IP-16E1-C encapsulates the date of E1 code stream to the packet and transmits it to the remote device through Ethernet.

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