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  • Transmission distance of color signal via CAT5 or CAT6

  • Up to 200m (1000 ft) with passive HDTVI/CVI/AHD transmitter

  • No need to provide power

  • Built-in transient protection

  • Excellent anti-interference ability and stable performances

(1) – Video OUT                           

(2) – Video IN V + (UTP Cable)

(3) – Video IN V – (UTP Cable)             

(4) — GND


  • Connect coming transmission TVI/CVI/AHD video indicator to BNC terminal of transmitter
  • Select one pair of UTP cable (It must be the same color) and respectively connect to VIDEO +/- of transmitter
  • Connecting the receiver hub TVI/CVI/AHD video signal to the BNC terminal of TVI/CVI/AHD display devices
  • Connect GND terminal to the ground


16 port HD AHD/TVI/CVI 1080p Video Balun Receiver Hub with Surge Suppression


AN-VB-HD-HUB16 is a 16 port HDTVI/CVI/AHD video receiver hubs with surge suppression. It is suitable for centralized mounting of big project. And it is very convenient in project installation.

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