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  • Support’s all type interface convertor cards, fiber modems, and (!) support mixed insert of those  different boards,and functions will not be affected by each other
  • You can insert 16 function boards and 2 power supply cards, and one SNMP card
  • Power supply option: AC220V, DC-48V
  • The positive and negative terminals can be easily exchanged for DC-48V
  • Easy for installation and maintenance
  • Supports power supply backup feature
  • Uses standard 19 inch rack, 4U
  • Convenienent for maintenance , all the LEDs in adaptor board is located on the front panel
  • Sequence number of rack is displayed by nixie tube – convenient for management of large number racks used together
  • Support network management
  • Free SNMP software with each chassis



16 interface 4U Rack : 18 slot, for E1 converters, fiber modem, 4E1 fiber mux, SNMP card , two power supply


AN-CH01 can support 16 function card and 2 power supply card. AN-CH01 full configuration:  1 SNMP card, 15 (or 16) function card and 2power supply module (1 redundant module)
Supports AD-net  complete protocol converter series, fiber modem series , 4E1 fiber optical mux series.
Centralized SNMP rack mount solution allows network operator efficiently use expensive collocation place in racks, monitor network and deploy efficient fiber point-to-multipoint systems for access networks.

Why waste space in your 19′ rack by stacking standalone units on each other?

Choose AD-net SNMP platform to save space in your POP, and free GUI software with each order!

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