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  • 12 easy move-in/move-out trays are available upon request;
  • Suitable for 19′ or 23′ ODF’s and rack’s;
  • Adaptors are clipped at 28 degree angle, so it protects the fiber cable from unnecessary bending, also protects technician eyes;
  • Can be used as for ribbon type cable, or for regular pigtails;
  • SC/PC/LC or any you ask adapters are available in set;
  • Big enough to store more than 3 m of pigtail;
  • Effective mounting elements for cable laying inside the box
  • Full set of installation materials are supplied like nuts&bolts, protection elements, tape and more;
  • Up to 12 ports capacity per tray

12 ports splice tray for AN-FDB-01 fiber optical distribution boxes

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